Wait and See

In the past two weeks, Parker has really done a complete attitude change and started to develop some strange behavior undersaddle that made me start to think something is going on. What makes a perfectly sweet horse want to stop working? We had done all the basic tests of saddle fit, chiro, bitting, pads, pain related (bute test), teeth and feet w/o much showing up. It seemed to really start up after the choke incident.

I had the vet out yesterday to pull a lyme test just to make sure but the in house came back negative. When she was out we jogged him, flexed him and lunged him so she could get a good look at him. Not seeing much in a lameness aspect but his body just feels tight. He doesn’t want to be groomed, very sore in his poll and neck and kicks at his belly sometimes standing there and when you touch him. Her thought was ulcers and I went oh yeah duh! It would make sense that if he had ulcers and he choked and we put him on tons of antibiotics he could be feeling pretty darn ulcerly right now causing him to be painful in his muscles and reluctant to work.

He is such a loving horse and would do anything for you. I always feel like you have to keep trying until you figure out the cause of the discomfort. We know this horse doesn’t want to be bad so we have to find the cause. He is going to go on a month of gastroguard and then we will go from there. He has been one expensive horse but hopefully in the long run we will be able to make him happy.

Other than that there is not a lot going on with me in terms of CANTER horses. The meet will be starting at Delaware Park in the beginning of May and we will hope to take a few horses in for donation but horses that can be rehomed nothing with major issues! I hope to get some more volunteers to do track visits so our current volunteers don’t always have to go. If you know anyone who can spare a Saturday morning please have them contact me.


3 responses to “Wait and See

  1. I hate to say it but I’d been hoping it WAS lyme… at least that would have been a relatively easy answer. Hope the ulcer treatment does the trick. 🙂 He’s such a sweet horse in general I just don’t think it’s “just” pissiness or what have you… Give him some love for me.

  2. Jess
    I’ll be shocked if the gastroguard isn’t hugely helpful. I had a very similar experience with Yellow Tavern after a prolonged abcess followed by a wrenched pastern (and the bute that went along with said issues!) 28 days of gastroguard/ulcerguard and we were back to our normal behavior.

  3. I had a similar experience with my newish OTTB also. Vet suggested something called Allay-think you can get it through Smartpak and the brand is Adeptis or Adeptus. Worked WONDERS and was tons cheaper than gastroguard. Might be worth looking into to save $. Anyway love the blog-its like I know the horses :0 Good luck with him. He is darling!

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