Not funny

So I was all set to write a blog entry yesterday and realized work has ban wordpress. It is probably a good thing as I waste a lot of time on non-work related activities.

I head up the CANTER program at Delaware Park and try to organize our weekly visits, get the horses posted on the internet, field calls from trainers/vets/owners and outreach the program when time allows. We are finding ourselves short staffed in the volunteer department and I haven’t been able to get to the track as often as I could last year due to other demands. If you know anyone who would be interested in volunteering a few hours of their time on saturday’s for track visits please have them contact me. We have a great bunch of volunteers and with a bit more help everyone wouldn’t feel so stretched.

For the most part I really enjoy the track visits and having the opportunity to talk with trainers. Most are really grateful for the assistance we provide and it is very rewarding to know you are part of helping horses find new homes.

The training horses leaves this weekend and I will be sad to see him go. The past two weeks have been really good as he has realized that he just can’t get away with things. The difference is impressive and we had a fun session of gridwork the other day which he found boring. I will take bored for a reaction!

We had a new horse come in who will be headed down to Allie’s farm in N.C. He has been off the track for several years and has mileage in the show ring already. I have been super busy so I haven’t done anything with him besides admire him. I am a sucker for a dark bay!

My riding ring is basically finished. They should be driving in the poles for the lights and planting the grass around the sides sometime soon. We got the drains put in yesterday so I am sure it won’t rain hard from now on 🙂 Now that we need rain to help compact the ring we aren’t getting any..go figure.

I had a fantastic lesson last night on another horse owned by a client. He is a young 4 yr named Meadow Mobster who is just as quiet and sensible as you could ask for. Mogie gives a great lesson even if the concepts are basic she knows exactly what the horse needs and you leave feeling like you have a bunch of great homework. We did a lot of very quick trot/walk transitions to help him use his hinded and travel more uphill. It also kept him in front of the leg and thinking uphill. You basically walked two steps and then trotted. Two steps of trot and then walk. Trying to get it quick but when the balance came up it felt awesome.

Another thing we worked on which is true for all babies is making them available in their body via the bend. When a horse is distracted, tense or stiff using the bend or some lateral work is the best way to relax them and put them on the aids. He is just learning how to move from inside leg to the outside rein but when he had the bend the whole body felt different. Lot’s of opening inside rein to direct him into the bend but return the rein back to the neck when they go to the bend. I love riding the babies and feeling them start to understand how to use their bodies.

I spent a lot of time on the phone today with trainers/owners of a horse at Delaware Park who needs a home. The outcome of that is still unknown but it all works itself out in the long run. My real job is kicking my butt and then I come home to a few more hours of work. I am taking a break right now before heading out to teach a lesson. It’s the day off for my horses which I am sure they appreciate.


4 responses to “Not funny

  1. carrotplease

    Hang in there 🙂 I feel like I have two full time jobs, basically, and I don’t ride nearly as much as you do. It can be exhausting so don’t forget to take a break, and if you need to sleep in one saturday, it really is OK. 🙂

    • jessicamorthole

      Sleeping in is a luxury that those of us who own farms rarely get 🙂 I will say that Kurt has been taking care of the horses for the past 2wks as he has been off work before he leaves. I feel like a boarder- all I have to do is get dressed and show up to the barn to ride. It’s awesome! You are holding down the funny farm and I know that is a lot of work!

  2. splishsplashriding

    I”m not sure he could be any cuter!!!!!!!

  3. I’m a sucker for all bays, especially dark bays – he’s a cutie for sure!

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