Working hard

Parker has been fantastic and is working super hard right now with no signs of the behavior. He is still on the ulcer meds and will end up being treated for 30 days. I have had great rides at home but today I trailered him over to Mogie’s for a lesson. We didn’t end up doing the lesson as she didn’t feel well so I rode by myself.
I have to say I think we have had our best work yet. I know there are still some inconsistencies but there are so many things that have improved that I look at the big picture. He has transitions between gaits. No more just the big trot we now have half halts when I just pause my seat. He also understands leg means move sideways and not just go faster. We have a right bend although he still needs to move a bit better off the right leg to the outside rein. His canter..let’s just say wow we have a whole different canter. It’s no longer sprawled out pull Jess all over and hind end 20ft behind the rest of the horse canter. It’s light and uphill although he still struggles to hold it. Hey, I will take it! We also have transitions that are smooth and effortless instead of why are you asking me to slow down OMG do not touch the reins. It’s like oh I totally understand what you mean when your seat pauses and you close your hand. Cool got it!
He still struggles with being asked to half halt and tosses his head and says no it’s hard and I can’t but we are getting smoother transitions between gaits all the time. You will see him be really a bit mad in the canter but that is because I am asking him to sit a bit more and not dive down on his forehand and he is convinced that is not something he has to do. He wants to pull forward and down and I am half halting and leg on to say nope uphill but no faster. I don’t want him round just in balance and coming underneath. He is really reaching more underneath himself at the canter despite being inconsistent in the bridle. It will come as he gets stronger.
The hardest thing before was to take a break and then start up again because he would just be pissed. He is lazy by nature so work is hard for him. Now he goes right back to work and tries so hard. I am so happy I get off each ride beaming. Yes, we are far from perfect but when I know where we started and even more so what happened when he was feeling bad I now feel like shouting with joy.
He really challenges me to be better as a rider because he requires a good ride at this point. I am far from perfect but I have gotten much better and figuring out what I need to do to and also and being more consistent. When he resists and chucks his head I raise my hands and let him know I will follow his mouth so stop all the head tossing. He prefers that you take a feel and push to it so I need to remember to not be to light because that feels inconsistent to him. Inside leg to outside rein and half halt and push back to it and don’t let him lean on my leg. I felt like I gave him a better ride today.
We had a lovely hack afterwards and I just felt so happy. I really love this horse and he is such a nice horse. I realize he has cost CANTER a lot of money with his chokes and now his ulcers but lord he is a nice horse. He loves people and he really does try hard. He comes running for his food each day which always makes me smile and I truly think he would do anything for me. We have a bond together and that is something truly special.

I have been jumping a few little fences but I wanted to get his flatwork back on track first. I am away for work this week so he will just easy riding which he will like 🙂


5 responses to “Working hard

  1. Wow Parker looks awesome in those photos, and his pretty trot makes me want to drool. I was wondering what type of camera you use because my old digital camera died and I’ve always admired your pictures and video. Any secret tips for it? Like how to keep the camera still while videoing? Lighting? etc.?

    • jessicamorthole

      We use a D70 for our still shots and a cannon hg10 for video which is hard drive and awesome! The quality comes from my hubby who practices a lot and is quite good. It looks no where as good when I do them 🙂

  2. He looks very happy at his job. It’s fun to watch his progress-you’re doing a terrific job with him Jess

  3. Thanks-someone mentioned the hg10 as pretty good so hopefully I can find one on ebay cheap

  4. If only I had a quarter for each time I came here! Superb writing!

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