Fun lesson

I really enjoy showing up for a lesson when someone hasn’t seen the horse in a long time. I believe Mogie and I only did one lesson with Parker about a month after he arrived so it was fun to hear her comments. She thought he looked excellent but as always gave me some great exercises to work on.

Parker has been super and feeling excellent so the ulcer meds have done the trick. I have just been working on the flatwork because when I get that the jumping will just be so easy. We know he jumps but he has some holes I want to fix on the flat.

We really worked on getting him to give in his jaw to the right and step from the inside leg to the outside rein. She said boy he has a lot of tricks because you get one thing and then he is doing something else you have to fix. Sometimes his answer to something hard is to just go bounding off in the trot and I have to try to be serious and not giggle. Holy cow it’s so funny because one second you are normal and then the powerful hind end kicks in and you are floating in the air. Then you half halt and he tries to stop 🙂

He makes you ride and work for it but I enjoy that and the process is a challenge. I think he has come so far since the ulcer treatment. The other thing we need to work on is the canter and having more available off the leg and softer in the neck. A little over bend and then maybe counterbend but getting him softer and not to lock up. He struggles but it is way better than what it was so I will take it.

Mogie was looking at him and said what is interesting is that his back legs are longer than the front legs and he is short coupled. She said that is what makes him such a good mover and jumper and because he has a nice sloping shoulder it all works. She was very pleased with him.

She suggested I come for a lesson and learn to use the pessoa rig on him. I know the trainer at the MD barn also really likes the pessoa rig. I bought one on ebay but it confuses me just looking at it. Mogie said on horses like him that always have an out to working correctly it can do wonders because when they resist the butt strap pushes them back up to the contact. I am looking forward to learning!

I will say we intended on jumping but I had ridden another horse in a lesson prior to Parker and I was totally cooked. Riding at 11:30 and 1pm on a 90+ degree day just exhausted me and I had nothing left. Totally not used to this heat!

I will get some video up of parker within the next day or two.


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