New Arrival – Lady Wheaton Lady Wheaton actually arrived on Sunday but it has taken me this long to get pics taken. She had a surgery to repair a condylar fracture. As far as injuries go that is one that is easy to repair and will allow her to have a full career in whatever discipline may suit her. She is a very sweet girl and will have one more month of stall rest before she starts handwalking and turnout.
lady wheaton 2
lady wheaton 1
lady wheaton
Ring Dancer who is also on stall rest was happy to have a buddy!


5 responses to “New Arrival – Lady Wheaton

  1. She’s adorable. Like the last picture of the two new buddies also

  2. Oh I like her. She’s adorable

  3. Oh she is just lovely! I LOVED Wheaton – just such a beautifully built stallion.

  4. Pretty pretty pretty…isn’t her sire Storm Cat’s half-brother?

    Someone make me stop reading CANTER stuff, Lucky does not need a ‘sister’ and I do not need a mare! (Really. I don’t think.)

  5. adorable!

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