Traveling in style!

Horses have always been in my blood and even when I tried to give them up I realized I couldn’t. I remember graduating college thinking I would just start back with one horse again and do some resale to make some extra money. Ha, now look at me! I used to say there was no way I would own my own farm as it was to much work and you never could vacation. Boarding was great because you could just drive up, ride and then leave.

I tried boarding and hated it. That led to leasing which I also hated as I found it pointless to pay someone so much money when I had to do all the work. That led to buying our own farm and boy was that an adventure. It seems like we have started out small and tried to be very economical as we went along. Started with a basic truck and a really tiny trailer. Soon realized that trailer wasn’t going to work and upgraded to an older used trailer but big enough for the big Tb’s. Then upgraded to a bigger truck with 4 wheel drive.

As the business has expanded and I got more involved with CANTER I found the need for a bigger trailer. I REALLY wanted a 4 horse head to head but our truck wasn’t big enough to pull it and we had just paid off the truck so upgrading the truck wasn’t an option. Instead, I agreed to a smaller trailer but lord it is still big!
our trailer

That is my new Hawk 2+1 that should be arriving within the next two days. The horses are going to love it and I am sure I will tell when I stop being so scared of it. I know I am going to ding it..have you seen me drive 🙂 It has fans, lots of windows, extra space in the tack room and so much more. I am beyond excited and this will really allow me to take more horses along as we go to shows and schoolings.


2 responses to “Traveling in style!

  1. congratulations!! the trailer is beautiful!!

  2. splishsplashriding

    Oh I”m SO jealous! I want one!! (actually…I would settle for just having a truck and trailer at this point)

    Ashlea and Splash

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