Calling it quits

I’m pretty bummed right now about Parker but we have made the decision to call it quits with him as far as a riding/competition horse. Maybe he can be a trail horse or a pasture pal so I will cross my fingers for that option.

It’s not just one thing that has made us come to the decision but I do believe he might have other issues that we don’t have the money to investigate and even if we did investigate we might not find the answers or be able to fix. I took him x-c schooling this weekend and he warmed up really good but then had a mini-panic attack. I knew something was not right so I just let him walk and we went into the woods to cool down. I think he is having issues with his breathing. I noticed at my last lesson he was really struggling to regain his breathing for aย long time after we had cooled him down. On Sunday, it took him over an hour to regain his breathing. He was huffing and puffing and I had not even done anything with him besides trot and canter a few fences and walk around in between. He just felt off so I knew better to push it and I am sure I made the right decision. Allie and I chatted and we think he could be displacing. You can’t hear any noises or anything but he simply can’t regain his breathing and that is probably really scary for him.

He also has the history of chokes and the vets think he probably has a stricture. I haven’t had an issue with him choking anymore but he eats soup out of a bucket on the ground ๐Ÿ™‚

I admit I am very frustrated and sad. I have put so my time into trying to get him to be a solid citizen but all along the way I kept saying this horse is so sweet and lovely there has to be reasons why he can’t do the work I am asking. He tried so hard but as horseman you have to know when to say okay we tried everything but the horse isn’t comfortable doing what is being asked and give them another career. Parker is the sweetest horse who is like a dog. He comes running up to you in the field, loves his food, will stretch out and curl his lip for grooming and just has the biggest and best personality. He looks so fantastic with gorgeous weight and muscling. We just put hind shoes on him..go figure.

I really thought everything was improving and it was but if he can’t breathe this hot and humid weather is going to make it all that much more apparent and it has. The plan is that he is going to go back to the funny farm in Md and just hang out until we can find him an appropriate home. Allie said I get my pick of horses and I want the bay with white who is by Meadow Monster. I have a horse in training named Meadow Mobster by Meadow Monster and he is awesome. I’ll take another one of those please ๐Ÿ™‚

I did actually enjoy the x-c schooling because my mom was riding Meadow Mobster who has turned out to be everything I hoped. I get nervous buying horses off the track for clients because you just never know but this guy had a great trainer and had been so nice each time I saw him. My mom is not the most confident rider and she instantly felt comfortable on him and was jumping everything on him. He just goes around on a relaxed rein as happy as can be and seems to love life. I have really enjoyed bringing him along and have entered him in the fairhill starter event. He is the PERFECT adult ammy horse and I am excited to see what he becomes. My mom sold her horse that wasn’t suitable and she really should buy him but she’s cheap and thinks she can find something else. Hey, I picked out Flint who is the most awesome horse for her so she should listen to me but she doesn’t.

I’m really busy on the farm with Kurt in Texas for 6wks. I have all the barn work , mowing, dragging and more. It is a bit overwhelming but I am getting used to it. I think the time will fly by as I am keeping busy.


8 responses to “Calling it quits

  1. oh Jess, I am sorry about Parker. You have to feel content that you tried everything within your means to bring him along as a riding horse!

  2. Wow, I was so suprised to hear the sad news…I have asthma so I know the feeling you described..too bad for all involved but you really gave it your all..the right person will adore Parker

  3. splishsplashriding

    Bummer! He has always been SO cute and fun looking. WSO is right….the right person will absolutely adore Parker.

  4. Jess, you did everything you possible could for Parker. Sending jingles he finds a happy home

  5. Jess,

    Im sure you did all you could for Parker. But hey! He could make someone a wonderful trail horse, maybe even one of those competitive trail types…He’s adorable and I’m sure someone with a heart will fall in love with that face.
    Im sure you will have another one to train in no time and have your hands full yet again!

  6. I’m really sorry to hear that. You did such a great job turning him around. He’ll find his happy place at the Funny Farm.

  7. I’ll make sure he gets plenty of love Jess ๐Ÿ™‚

    You will really like that bay guy – he is sweet and very personable and I can’t see any reason he shouldn’t be able to go right to work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi,
    This horse is so fortunate to have found someone as caring as you. Better to find out now than have him go to someone who pushes him harder.
    I’m really sorry though. He sounds like such a great “big dog” so maybe somebody who needs a companion will snap him up.

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