New Horses

To keep all my readers informed Parker went very peacefully yesterday and had a nice morning of yummy grass and a nice breakfast. I gave him some special treats and told him that I loved him. I only cried a little because I had come to peace with the decision and knew it was for the best. The barn seems a lot quieter without him.

Thankfully…??? I now have lots of extra horses at the moment. I will be moving some from my farm to a local farm we use for layups but at the moment I have 10 horses and 8 stalls πŸ™‚

New horses:

Shine my Shoes – 4 yr 15.3 h cutie. He is by the same sire as Klondike Kid and has a very similiar face and body type. He has a bow that is fairly recent so will need some rest. So far he is proving to be a hilarious horse. He loves to try to escape he stall and it seems as though they accomplished that last night..more on that in a minute. He also loves to be sprayed with the hose and then dig some nice holes and get his roll on. Very big personality on this one!

Next up we have King Remda. He is a 5 yr and probably around 15.3 as well. He has a very minor bow on his right front which should present no issues and he is already turned out and sound. This picture does him no justice. He has a very cute face and is a real lover. He has already figured out how to open the doors with his butt πŸ™‚ I predict this one is going to be super quiet. He settled in like he lived here forever and was more interested in food than anything else.

Finally, we have Diamond H. He was the result of Jess having a new 3 horse trailer because he was not on the list. He is a massive 16.3 maybe bigger 5 yr with an equally large bowed tendon. He has some sort of weird lump which my vet told me is his annular ligament that is cutting off the blood supply so he now has to have a very minor surgery. I already told Allie she was going to kill me for bringing him home and now he has to have a surgery. She said we have funds so don’t worry but he is going to get a free stay on me because I know we shouldn’t have taken him…..I’m normally better at saying NO.

Lady Wheaton is off of stall rest and into a small paddock. She likes hanging out near Ring Dancer.

I spent some time looking for some ice boots. Anybody have some they want to donate to CANTER πŸ™‚ It seems like I am doing a lot of layups now and need to get something quicker/easier to apply. It’s tough to get everyone iced when I have to be at work early in the morning but if I had something easy to apply for 20 min while doing stalls to each horse then I would be good.

I got to go riding with Alison and Top Punch (former CANTER horse) over the weekend. It would have been fun if my horse hadn’t twisted a shoe and stepped on a clip but looks like he is okay. He has the shoe back on and seems sound.

Now I need to figure out who I am moving to the farm and who is staying. I think the layups have to stay for at least a few more months in small paddock turnout but I will get that worked out later.

This is the first time in a long while that I have not had any CANTER horses here in retraining. I am sure it won’t last long but I think I will wait till the hubby returns to take on any more work πŸ™‚


4 responses to “New Horses

  1. splishsplashriding


    I know why you brought that big boy home with you….it’s the face πŸ™‚ I”m not usually big on chestnuts but that face of his is fabulous. He almost has a wise look in his eyes…like he is older than his years.

  2. Awwww!!! I LOVE Shoes! Totally adorable the the type of horse I would bring home. Hope everybody recovers well from their issues. Such cuties.

  3. Holy smokes. I love all 3 of them. the first is catching my eye a LOT

  4. But…Diamond says, “I’m handsome. Of course you brought me home. I’m handsome. Don’t look at the leg, look at the handsome.”

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