Escape Artists?

Escaping seems to be a theme going on in my barn recently. Last week, I come home and am driving in the driveway when I notice a horse in the aisleway. Mmm..head out to the barn and find Parker, Boppus and Mobster all in the aisle looking guilty. They totally trashed the barn to the point you have to sit there and wonder how in the heck did they do all the damage. They busted the treat container apart in a million pieces. It was one of those rubbermaid containers about 2ft tall on wheels and it was all over. They must have ate a lot of treats because there weren’t many left. They had pulled all the bottles off the shelves and stomped them. Food containers everywhere and they spilled supplements all over. They bent up the push broom like a pretzel. The funniest part was finding the corn broom in the mare’s paddock! How in the heck did it get there? I wish I would have had a camera for that one 🙂 They had obviously taken a nice tour of the farm (although we have a main gate that is alway shut) and they hung out in the shed munching some of the nice first cutting alfalfa/orchard grass. It was all pretty funny but at the moment I could have gave them all good whippings.

It all happened because I forgot to latch a door. I have sliding doors that latch with a regular snap and the horses are itchy and if they itch their butts on the doors which aren’t latched the doors open right up.

We recovered from that one and then the other day we had another escape. Now, I knew I had shut all the doors..learned my lesson so I double/triple check the latches. I had just pulled up it’s around 8 pm (fed at 6ish) and the horse chiropractor had pulled in right in front of me. She was making a late visit on Monday before her vacation. I’m trying to figure out how these horses got out and it’s the two new horses – Diamond H and Shine my Shoes. I grab a rope and lead them back in and see they had just completely busted the snap right off the door! have got to be kidding me. I coral them but they don’t need to be running around. It happens but not good.

Last night, I pull in and notice a chestnut horse in the field. Mmm…I’m pretty sure Diamond and Shoes were in the small paddock (no big field turnout allowed). Then I remember that I was fixing the electric fence in the morning because they had stretched it out and I forgot to turn it back on. I suppose they figured out the grass was greener on the other side and busted right on into the grass field. Looks like they had just done it but why oh why must we stress me out anymore than I already was? The fence if already off so I manage to somehow rig it back together but they busted a lot of the pieces (horseguard fence) on the corners. Oh well I got it functioning again.

I coralled them back into the barn for dinner and turned that fence back on. Hope they got a good awakening if they tested it out! They stay in during the day to rest their tendons with ice and wraps on but I give them a very small paddock to walk around in at night. It’s good for them..unless they try to escape so they are 2 for 2 on me.

I’m moving some horses to our layup farm tonight so I will be back down to seven horses. Thank god!


One response to “Escape Artists?

  1. The vandals! I wonder what their gang colors are?

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