Rearranging and checking out new prospects

I shuffled around the horses to give myself a bit of a break. We use a lovely turnout farm about 45 min from me so I took a few over there. Lady Wheaton, King Remda and Rocket all headed over to the 100’s of acres of gorgeous grass fields. It really is horsey heaven and it is so nice to know that I can drop them off and not worry.

I got a call that King Remda and Lady Wheaton are in love 🙂 They are in small paddock turnout for another 2 wks before going to the big fields. They are impressed with how quiet and gorgeous all the horses are. I was reading a thread today on a bulletin board that was getting my blood boiling. Mainly, because I get frustrated when people sterotype ottb’s. Every breed has it’s bad apples but to lump all ottb’s as crazy, unsound and unsuitable for ameuter owners is a huge stretch. I can honestly say there have only been a few that I have run across that weren’t worth dealing with and I have had a lot to sample from. Tb’s tend to be some of the most sensible and well mannered horses that I have worked with. People almost seem amazed when they act so quiet 🙂 These three horses unloaded quietly, walked around the field and acted like they lived there forever. Nothing but praise coming from the layup farm which always makes me happy.

I have Shine my Shoes and Diamond H at my farm. Shine my Shoes needs to get that tendon a bit quieter so I am icing and wrapping him daily. He also is a trouble maker so needs close supervision 🙂 He thinks he should dig a hole to China in front of the water trough as well as put both of his legs in the water trough. Today he picked me up by my pants when I was wrapping silly! Diamond H is not a fan of his ice boots 🙂 He is going to have a minor surgery done tomorrow to relieve the pressure in his bowed tendon. There is a ligament that is causing restriction and you go in and give it a little slice to open in up and viola pressure is relieved and he feels much better. He should have a full career with this procedure which is excellent news.

Today, I went with Allie to see the horses at the CANTER MD farm. We have had a bunch of new horses coming in and I wanted to take a look and see who I might like to have come in for retraining. There are some very nice horses there for all of you looking. We give them a few months of turnout regardless of what we decide to do with them but they will all be available for sale in a few months. I have my eye on two of them 🙂

I had been having really good luck rehoming the CANTER horses but the past few have turned out to have issues that weren’t easily discovered. That is always part of the risk with any type of horse regardless of BREED. I’m taking a little break until it decides not to be 95+ degrees and then I will bring one or two back to the farm to start retraining. I love going to the farm and seeing all the horses. It’s such a cool farm with these huge hills and the horses seem to develop their own clan’s. All the Tb’s hang together and ignore the other breeds of horses. Funny!

You kind of know which horses are ready for retraining because they come up to you and want attention. The horses that are still a bit shells hocked or just need more time don’t really want to socialize with humans. They are more concerned with buddies and grass.  CANTER always gives them at least a month or two but if they come to my place I sometimes do get on them just to test drive them and then I give them the time. There are some that absolutely want a job and don’t need the time off. It really depends but if you do it long enough you can just tell.

I’m looking forward to starting some new horses here soon but for right now being back to 7 horses is wonderful!


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