Testament to good temperament

I couldn’t tell you anything about how Ring Dancer or Diamond H are to ride but I would almost bet they are going to be really quiet and easy. I base that guess on how good they both are on stall rest.

Ring Dancer injured her sesamoid on May 1st and I picked her up the following weekend. She was racing fit and yet she calmly walked on the trailer and settled in here instantly. She has been on stall rest for 2.5 months now and no drugs needed. She is wonderful to work with and I am in and out of her stall several times a day. She is always friendly and well mannered. She is excellent to wrap and work out. I have started hand walking her and she just calmly walks along looking around but never offering to be silly. She is such a pretty filly and I’m interested to see what she wants to be in the future. Looks like she might be a hunter but can’t say for sure.

Diamond H is also one of those horses that is an old soul. He reminds me of Top Punch in many ways. He is a bit bored so he does have a habit of kicking the stall walls which isn’t really good. I did buy some kicking chains for him because he can’t stand in and kick. I had never used kicking chains before but the vet recommended them because apparently he was kicking quite bad after his tendon surgery. They are basically cuffs that go around the ankles and have chains that are attached. When the horse kicks the chain smacks them back. The chains drag on the ground so he should have been scared/nervous but nope he was just pissed šŸ™‚ It has stopped the kicking so mission accomplished.

Now he was also racing fit and he is a big boy. I would say 16.3 but massive bone and a really wide back and chest. He is a puppy dog to handle. The vets complimented him on how well behaved he was and how brave he is. Nothing phases him at all. Today he was so stinky that I had to bring him out and give him a bath. He walked right in the wash stall and stood perfectly for his bath. I rewrap his leg every other day and he is always good for that. I have him pretty spoiled already with treats. He loves attention and is fun to love on.

One of the best aspects of the racetrack life is that the horses get handled so frequently. For the most part they are all good for baths and to have their legs worked on. It makes layup care much easier and I have always found the Tb’s way easier to deal with than sporthorses. My horse was a total turd on stall rest and did require drugs! Hand walking wasn’t happening so I just got on him. He was always better to ride than deal with on the ground so that is how we did things.

Shine my shoes is moving around a lot better now. He had cut his foot around the pastern..I’m sure it was because he CAN NOT keep his legs out of the water trough. He is alone right now in his paddock and that seems to keep him out of trouble. He is now out on the grass field and is doing really well. He was initially scared to be alone but has figured out he will survive it all. A good growing up experience for him.

Diamond has a little more than a week until he is off of stall rest and I hope to have the x-rays done on Ring Dancer when the vet comes to take out Diamond’s stitches. She should be good to go for small paddock turnout and then gradually to big field turnout. I will be excited to not have any horses on stall rest! I am still icing lots of ankles and tendons.

My friend, Melissa, is donating another ice boot! I am working with the one I have and making it work. The boys are excellent about icing but Melissa’s boot is one of the pocket one’s where you can just put it on and leave it. That will simplify things.

This week I need to work on pulling Ring Dancer’s mane. She needs to get polished up a bit and probably needs a bath too. Stall rest horses = stink!


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