New arrivals

We went to pick up some new arrivals yesterday at Delaware Park. Thankfully, the rain had let up as I was pretty nervous about driving horses in the pouring down rain. They got small paddock turnout last night and this morning their grass field.

This is Sonrea- 4 yr gelding about 15.3 h.

Track’s Protege- 5yr 16 h

Shine my Shoes is happy to have buddies!

Sonrea is all about touring the field

Track just wanted to eat but kept getting interrupted by Sonrea who would run around in circles until they both started to run around a bit.

They both are sound and very nice healthy horses. We are happy to have them and they will get a few months to just be horses before we start really working them.


5 responses to “New arrivals

  1. splishsplashriding

    Oh my!!! Is Sonrea one of the ones that was listed on the Delaware Park page? I liked him even then! So jealous!

  2. They’re gorgeous. I love the gray.

  3. I love it when they get to be horses. They’re so funny to watch when they get off the track. And, how’d you keep your grass so green?

  4. oh, I am in love with Sonrea!!!

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