First ride on the new boys

I had to wait a bit longer in the morning as the hubby was slow getting up so it was hot and buggy. This humidity is just awful.

Track’s protege was up first. He stood very quietly to be tacked up and walked around the ring with no worries. Kurt and I have a system that we tend to do. First we walk them around in hand with the leadrope on. He holds them and then I climb up on the mounting block and get them used to me standing up there. I touch them on their backs and their sides to get them used to it. I find the hardest part is getting them used to standing at the mounting block.

This proved to be the case with Track as he was like OMG why in the heck are you standing up there and was eager to RUN far away. He was just worried so went spent about 15 min moving around and getting him used to me standing above him and touching him all over. When his eyes were soft and relaxed then I knew it was time to go up. I always just put the tip of my toe in and slowly stand 1/2 up. I don’t swing over until I go up and feel them say it’s okay. He could have cared less.

Kurt gives me a pony ride around once or twice just to get them comfortable and then off I go. He was totally chill about everything but ouchy on his foot which is missing a shoe. He was not happy about having to trot 🙂 I did a tiny bit of trot both ways and then quit with that and will see if he feels better when he gets new shoes on. He is such a sweetie but a bit cautious. Once he knows what you are doing he is like oh okay no bigge. He got a nice cooldown and went back to his stall.

His reaction to a big bomber on his butt was just to swish his tail and I was turning around trying to kill it. Those things are awful!

Sonrea was up next. I was kinda thinking he might be a bit goofy because he is attached at the hip to the other guy. I couldn’t have been more wrong which is always good. That is why I love tb’s because they are often very professional once you give them a job and they can stop focusing on OMG my buddy.

He is a narrow horse and my 48″ girth was to big. He is a bit pushy on the ground so we will work on that. He was totally relaxed about the mounting block so I went right up. He felt great undersaddle and had a nice natural way of carrying himself. He was a bit crooked in the way he traveled but they all tend to be and let down fixes that. He quietly trotted and cantered around. Only had a right lead as the left side felt pretty crooked. Lovely soft canter. He is a cool horse and I loved the way he felt already so with some time off, dentist and chiro I imagine he is going to be quite fancy.

I’m going to take Shine my Shoes over to the turnout farm later today. I’m up to 9 horses and 8 stalls again 🙂 To hot for someone not to have a stall right now.

Farrier will be out tomorrow so I can hopefully get shoes on both of the new horses.


One response to “First ride on the new boys

  1. I still LOVE Sonrea. My Appendix is narrow too though built like a rock in his shoulders and hip.. He wears a 46 inch girth.

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