Opportunity to just be a horse

Everyone keeps asking the prices on the new horses and at this point they aren’t available yet. CANTER Mid Atlantic likes for all of our horses to have minimum of two months with us to just be horses again, get the dentist, farrier and chiro if needed. The horses get turned out 24×7 in lovely grass fields with run-ins and at my place with the option for stalls. If they really indicate they want a little bit of a job then we will ride them lightly but for the most part they get to be horses and relax into the new lifestyle. This allows the retraining process to go smoothly and also allows their bodies to recover from the stress of racing. Even when they are sound the still tend to move a bit tracky at first and this let down times gives them time to let anything that might have been bothering them quiet down. Their muscles hurt and most times their feet tend to hurt. We pull their shoes if they have good feet or shoe them up front if they appear to need it.

I went over to the layup farm that I shuttle the CANTER horses to to drop off Shine my Shoes for his extended rest period and see the rest of the horses. We have six over there right now.

You might remember the bay and the gray horse we dropped off in February- https://dixierumble.wordpress.com/2010/02/07/blizzard-of-feb-2010/ They were both headed to the place of no return. The gray sadly had to be euthanized a few months ago as he had inoperable chips in both knees and could not get around comfortably. He had a great end to his life with people who loved him, grass up to his knees and his horse buddies. The bay horse has thrived and went from being scared to loving humans again. He does have some large ankles which are fused but he is sound. I will get on him within the next week or so and get some video. We hope to place him in a trail home or as a pasture pal. He loves people and is super to work around.

Finding light riding homes for these horses is very challenging so please spread the word. This guy went through hell and back and would love to have his own person.

Remember Indy’s Chic? https://dixierumble.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/dees-first-ride/ She was at my farm for a few months really doing awesome and headed to her first show https://dixierumble.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/parker-and-dee-rocked-this-weekend/ Then we found out she had fractured her stifle at some point during her race career and could only have a light riding career. She went to hang out at the farm as well and we are desperate to find her a home. She has the best personality and is a great ride. Check out happy she is!

King Remda was turned out with the girls and he is loving life 🙂 They said this guy is going to be special and I agree. Looks like he has picked up some weight already. He is such a lover and came right up for some loving.

Lady Wheaton has settled in right away and they remarked how quiet and sensible she is for a 3yr. She was not posing for pictures as she was to busy licking my shoes?

Last but not least we have Rock

I love seeing a bunch of happy horses. We will be letting these guys get some rest and then eventually bringing them back for a bit of restarting before we advertise them. I’m hoping to take one/two more horses to the farm and pick up some that may be ready for riding at the farm at Long Lane. Keeps us busy but I love it!


3 responses to “Opportunity to just be a horse

  1. Oh Indy’s Chic looks just great! I love her. 🙂

  2. WOW! I can’t believe the pics of DEE! I didn’t recognize her… SOOO CUTE!! I hope she finds the right home, she’s such a sweetie.

  3. I bet everyone wants to buy Sonrea.

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