Hurry up and wait

Things were absolutely crazy there for about a month with a huge influx of horses coming in and lots of shifting around to find places for them to go. I moved most to the farm over in centreville but I still have Diamond H, Sonrea and Track’s Protege at my house.

They are the most atypical racehorses that I have had in terms of their comfort level of being outside. They come in to eat their morning and evening grain and otherwise I barely even see them in the barn. We have gorgeous grass and they are happier outside eating. Why is this strange? Well my friend Alison will tell you that sometimes teaching racehorses that they can go outside is hard to do.  Her horse, Top Punch, who raced for 10yrs of his life prefers being in the stall and almost panics when he is forced to go out.

My farm is set up so that the stalls are open via dutch doors right into their fields so they can come and go. Fans are on during the day and the barn is cool. Most of the horses who come from the track are much more comfortable standing in and would rather be in away from the bugs than outside. The weather has been brutally hot and I look out and those guys are way down in the field sweat running off them but happily eating. I guess they are just happy to have the grass and I enjoy how low maintenance they are. Sonrea does come up at times to much on some alfalfa in his hay feeders but track’s protegé prefers the grass.

Diamond H would much rather be in the stall so he does tend to stand in but I think the other two have trained him to go outside a bit more. His tendon is looking great! We had someone who made a really kind donation of two 6 pocket ice boots which I tried out last night. Awesome! I ice him 2x a day but the walking in turnout is good for the tendon. They don’t really run to much unless they get a big bomber fly on them.

My farm has been quiet lately as every horse has some sort of reason to not be ridden. They racehorses are all resting for another few weeks. On Saturday, I come in and find my clients horse down in the stall moaning and groaning and not wanting to get up. He gets up and his front leg is hot and swollen and pounding pulse. Yep, good old abscess. At first he was convinced I was trying to kill him putting hot water on his foot. We had much hysterics about the soaking but he figured out it would be okay. Then I wrapped the coronary band with the animalintex poultice pads as I was sure it was coming out there. Typically, when they are non weight-bearing and in that much pain you know the abscess is going to blow out there. Sure enough on Sunday night a nice big slice appeared on the coronary band and good drainage. It’s the one time when you are really happy to see puss.

Yesterday, I’m all set to ride the one remaining rideable horse on the farm. I’m bringing him in and looking down thinking mmm that looks like crusty mud down the back of his elbow. Wonder why? Tilt my head down and he had tried to slice off his leg at the elbow. Nice deep wide puncture wound but it looked old (day old?) and not stitchable so that got flushed, scrubbed and treated. Started on antibiotics and a bit of bute.

I find that life on the farm goes in patterns where everything is going great and then boom everyone is broken. All minor wounds thankfully but amazing how you can have a farm full of horses and nothing to ride. It won’t last for long so perhaps enjoy the break while I can? Mr. Abscess looks much better but still sore and draining.

It’s possible that I am going to bring back some horses from the funny farm this weekend but still waiting to confirm details and make sure they are ready to go to work. The good news is that my ring is completed and the footing is awesome. I am ordering some fillers for other the jumps to have a jump course that will really prepare the young horses for all the scary fences they will meet in competitions. Slowly but surely everything is coming together on the farm. We have been there for almost 3 yrs now and there is still so much work to be done. Building a farm from ground up is a lot of work!

I’m thinking we need a goat after visiting the goat barn at the state fair last night. I really like the pygmy goats but Kurt likes the bigger boer goats. I always had goats growing up and that right there should deter me from getting one. They get into everything but they are just so cool. Maybe if we don’t get a goat we can have a donkey? I used to have a mini donkey growing up that I trained to pull a cart. I called him sam-mule and he was awesome. Perhaps we can have both??? Ha, hope Kurt doesn’t read this he will threaten to leave me. I’m already on the verge of becoming the crazy cat lady 🙂


4 responses to “Hurry up and wait

  1. I vote for a Donkey!!!!!!

  2. dont know about goats they are into everything!

  3. I have a mini donkey – he goes out with MJ (Tavern). He is a complete hoot and a “luv muffin”.

  4. splishsplashriding

    My friend LOVES the two rescue goats she got. They have done an absolutely phenominal job clearning all the underbrush she has and they go right out with her horses too:) I will say that they are set in their routine and give you very strange looks when you vary it in the slightest. 🙂

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