Busy weekend

It was one of those weekends that make me happy to come back to work so I could take a break. Saturday, was a day full of moving horses around. I dropped off Diamond H at the Centreville farm and made the long trip up to Long Lane Farm to bring home two new horses. I now have Houndy and Kiss a Monster at my farm. Both loaded right up and were excited to eat my yummy alfalfa hay. They were very patient while we made a stop to pick up some jumps in Annapolis. They unloaded and got some dinner before heading out to check out their new digs. They seemed pretty chill about everything just walking around sniffing but clearly bonded over their experience. I didn’t get to watch them for long as we were late to get to the fair for the Jason Aldean concert. It’s always nice to spend a bit of time off the fair and eat kettle corn 🙂

Sunday, I was up early again this time to head off to a little cross country schooling at Oldehope Farm. A few of us got together and just enjoyed riding at such a beautiful farm. I was thrilled with my horse who is owned by a client. He had 2 wks off due to an abscess so I wasn’t sure if I was being totally dumb taking him without any rides but he is normally just so quiet and he was absolutely perfect for me. He is such a lovely 4yr with one of those brains we all want. He loves cross country and is just a pleasure to ride. He happily jumps anything I point him at and seems to enjoy himself. He shares the same sire as Kiss a Monster. They are both by Meadow Monster who apparently sires very quiet horses.

I was looking at Kiss a Monster’s pedigree http://www.pedigreequery.com/kiss+a+monster and also noticed he is out of a mare named Kiss me Cat by Forest Wildcat. Forest Wildcat, was the sire of Total Wildcat, another CANTER horse we had. Total Wildcat, was hands down one of the quietest Tb’s we have had. He is now competing in western classes and everyone mistakes him for a quarterhorse.

Needless to say, I’m thinking Kiss a Monster is going to be a quiet horse based on what I know about offspring of those two sires.

Stealing pictures from Kelly’s blog. This is Kiss a Monster


Both of them will need to get some shoes on before I get on them but they need to just settle in any way. I hope to give them baths, pull manes and trim them up today.

Sonrea and Track’s Protege still aren’t real keen on humans at this point which means they need some more time. Sonrea (he is the gray) is way more friendly than Protege is but they are a bit skiddish. Allie has always told me that you know when they are ready to get restarted when they walk up to you in the field and demand attention. These two would rather run away from me at the moment so not ready! It took me 20 min to get a halter on Protege but that horse showed me how smart he is. I was slowly walking and just countering his moves by controlling his shoulder. He was silently judging me to figure out if I was smart enough to catch him. I was patient and slowly he began to figure out that I was just quietly controlling his movement and he stopped and let me walk up to him. I saw that at Long Lane they use a chain around the neck which is a great idea. I don’t like halters in the field so I might look into neck collars. Kiss a Monster had a chain on his neck so I think he was hard to catch. Now he is almost in your lap wanting attention so time really does make a difference.

I will try to get some pictures of them this week so we can document the change the go through as they get put into work.


2 responses to “Busy weekend

  1. This isn’t really a comment, just asking if your new two year old is a Rainmaker baby. She looks EXACTLY like my OTTB at 2!

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