Poor Monster

We all stood and looked at his leg last night almost amazed that an abscess can make a leg swell up so big. It has to be about triple the normal size and he is so very sore. The abscess is draining both out of the heel and the very front of the coronary band. The farrier was there and we poked and prodded a bit but of course there is nothing better than time, animalintex and forced turnout. I am a believer that you have to make them walk if they can so he is going out a bit at night just to walk around. I take pity on him during the day so he can come in and lay down if he wants. He was walking better yesterday than on Sunday so hopefully he will continue to improve.

It’s easy to forget he is only a 3yr. He is such a sweetie to work around and seems like he has a really good mind. I am looking forward to him getting sound so I can ride him.

Houndy got shoes on and will be ready to go. I’m hoping to get on him tonight. He has a huge personality and is quite the goofball. He also likes to put his feet in the water trough and dig holes 🙂 I promise to get some pictures..but I haven’t even pulled his mane yet. So many things to do and so little time.


One response to “Poor Monster

  1. Poor Monster, for sure. He is such a sweetheart. Also can’t wait to hear how Houndy does.

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