Reading a picture

Looking at that pictures, I see a horse who at the moment looks pretty rough. Bleached coat, thin and a bit sore all over. If I look past the initial things that catch my eye then I see a different picture. I see a horse with a very keen expression and smart eye. Good shoulder, nice length of neck and an overall conformation that matches. I can picture him with weight and muscle and then I start to get pretty excited. He has a big personality and just seems smart. Right now he is still sore on his feet. He has shoes on but that transition from track shoes, no shoes and then back to steel shoes can be a hard one. I’m sure he will be fine in a few days and then I will get on him and see what I have got.

I’m going to get Monster out tonight and see if he is sound now that the abscess has drained. He is walking very comfortably so fingers crossed.

Both of them have really settled in and no longer thing they will die if they leave each other. They have gotten used to eating beet pulp and their appetites have increased greatly! I love watching the horses learn the routine and finally having them perk up when I come in at night to feed. Nothing better than a barn full of talking horses..well except for my horse Junior who has a scream instead of a whinny and makes me want to take out his vocal cords 🙂


3 responses to “Reading a picture

  1. He really does haev a lovely head and neck – the first thing I thought when I saw the pic. When I got my mare many years ago, she looked way worse than that, and my mother thought I was insane! But I saw the potential, and I ended up with a gorgeous mare that would have jumped the moon if I asked her to.

  2. I know what you mean about the scream!! HAve fun!!

  3. Conformationally, I’m concerned about his very post-legged hind end, tied-in-behind-the-knee front legs, and long weak loin connection (croup set back behind the LS joint). He’s very cute, however, and those weaknesses won’t necessarily have any effect on his sport-horse career! Especially if he has a winning temperament.

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