5 leave and three arrive

Wow, what a busy weekend as always. I had taken off work on Friday to attend an evening horse trial over at Oldehope Farm. I have been competing there ever since I was young and it just has such a nice family feel. A great place for young horses and Jane is so accommodating.

I was riding Meadow Mobster at BN and the difference between the first event and this event was night and day. This horse is so quiet and relaxed but at the first event he couldn’t concentrate on the jumps as he was to busy looking around. This time he had a lovely dressage test and came out of the trailer the second time understanding he still had to jump. He was so keen in stadium hunting down his fences and just plain happy. He came out of the start box x-c once again hunting for the jumps and was just so nice to ride. He wasn’t worried about leaving the crowd at all this time! He even went right in the water which was a huge deal. There is nothing better than sitting on a horse who truly loves cross country. This guy is really something special!

Saturday turned out to be way busier than expected. I headed up to Delaware Park to make the rounds for trainer listings. I met up with three other volunteers so we could divide and conquer. I was supposed to leave early and go meet the shipper who was coming to the Centreville farm to pick up horses. She ended up getting to the farm earlier than expected so I didn’t have to hurry.

I saw a lovely 2yr that the trainer/owner wanted to donate. I agreed to take him and then quickly thought oh lord perhaps I should run that by our director first 🙂 Allie and I are normally on the same wave length about these things so she did agree..whew thank god!

The first load of horses were picked up- Escabar, Rock and King Remda. Sonrea and Lady Wheaton were also getting picked up by a second shipper. They were all headed down to North Carolina where the market is booming for lovely Tb’s at reasonable prices.

I left the track and headed out to Warwick, Md to make a farm visit. Took some pictures of horses there and talked with them about a horse they want to donate. He was a lovely horse so hopefully he will end up with CANTER.

I was planning on heading to C-ville but then decided we better go to the track and pick up the horses. I headed back home and met Kurt so we could travel up together. We picked up the 2yr and also a lovely 4 yr filly that had been donated. We then drove them out to the C-ville farm as I have zero room on my farm. We turned them out and checked all the horses at the farm. The farm owner’s both left for vacation and like typical horse people they are worried about new horses and making sure everyone is okay when they are gone. We unloaded the new horses and stuck around for a while making sure everyone was okay and visiting with all the horses.

This is the 2yr that had arrived earlier in the week:

The 2yr that I had picked up

This is the 4yr filly. She is just so cute and a lovely mover!

Indy’s Chic already has her buddy so they went off the other way not even looking at the new mare. Mares..just like girls 🙂

The geldings are a bit more laid back about new arrivals. Diamond H is the chestnut, shine my shoes is the lighter bay and track’s protegé hiding behind them.

Everyone was happy when we left. We headed back to the farm on Sunday morning to check everyone and of course they had taken down the fence that was separating the mares gate from the geldings field. They were all standing by the mares gate proud of themselves.

I called them and look who came up 🙂 New 2yr is friendly!

We repaired the fence and told the mares to stop tormenting the boys and go eat in the lovely fields of grass. Nope, they would rather plaster their butts up on the gate.

Headed back home to get some riding done. Kiss a Monster was finally sound so we first dragged him out for the before shots. Gotta love these before photos.

Our contractor was there working on a Sunday to bury the pipes for our electric to the ring. Our lights should be going up soon. He was riding around on the very loud ditch digging machine and Monster was totally like whatever I’m a 3yr but scary loud vibrating machines don’t faze me. He was super duper quiet but he doesn’t steer. Really doesn’t steer at all which was quite hilarious as I had to keep stopping him, turning around and then kicking him like a pony club kid. He was not really impressed by my kicking or giving him taps with the whip. Geez lady really what is your deal??? We had a short w/t/c session and called it a good first ride. Isn’t he adorable!

I rode a few more horses and called it a day. Whew, what a busy weekend. It has been very busy with a lot of horses coming in on donation. Almost all are sound or have very minor issues that just need rest. The 2y’rs will get turned out until they turn three and are ready to be ridden. The rest will get a few months of rest before starting into the retraining program.


10 responses to “5 leave and three arrive

  1. LOVE the 2 year olds! Especially the chestnut. 🙂 *drool*

  2. I love that filly!

  3. That grey looks born to do dressage. Are you allowed to share name/breeding? I’m just predicting Ribot and Princequillo both show up based on similarities to all the TBs I love. I’d love the chance to work with that one!

    • jessicamorthole

      He is by exchange rate. They will just hang around and get to grow up some before they get restarted. They are both quite big for 2 yr old’s.

      • I think it’s great they get the chance to just hang out! And will definitely be watching for updates on the Exchange Rate baby to see if he develops that potential when you restart him… I’m not ready for a second dressage horse yet, but would love to find another TB with potential instead of having to go the warmblood route. I just love the TBs! 🙂

  4. It’s always fun to read your posts. I’m in love with the filly and the rose gray. Giggling over no steering on the Monster ‘cos I know how funny and weird that is

  5. Jessica Herndon

    Love it you are sending more to NC. That is where I am and I would love to go check them out!

  6. Hi, how deep is the sand in your ring? I have read so many different measurements from 2 to 4″. Do you think you could fence with the wide rubber type fencing that you can stretch? I have a horse from CANTER!!
    Love reading your blog and thank you for all you do

    • jessicamorthole

      Nancy- We went with 2″ but I think I would like to add another inch or so. I figured I would let it settle first and ride on it before I decided if I wanted more. Much easier to add sand then try to remove extra footing! I hate deep footing so overall I’m pretty happy with the 2″. We are replacing a lot of our temporary fencing with the no climb with a white flex board on top. We will probably just fence the ring with that as well to match everything else. We fencing was actually getting replaced in our small paddocks today!!! So exciting 🙂

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for the info. Just what I needed to know. My OTTB is War Club and he came from Michigan Canter. He is great. Poor baby had an abcess too and the vet had to deal with it. he is on the mend. I bet the new fencing looks so sharp. Enjoy

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