Getting on the same page

I’ve been keeping Monsters aka Spike’s workload fairly light. He was a bit sassy about having to have a job again which isn’t that surprising especially for a 3yr. For the 3yrs, I like to do 20 min max. Short and sweet before they get cranky 🙂

I would describe him as very quiet but defiant at the same time. We have arguments about steering and the go buttons. He says hey we are going over there and I’m saying look that is not acceptable. Then he does a prop and a tiny rear. I go tap, tap and more taps on his button letting him know what is not acceptable and we repeat until I’m satisfied the lesson has been learned.

Tonight I thought it could be interesting because he had a few days off and the temperature had dropped drastically. Not to mention it was 8pm when I was getting on and I had moved all the jumps and changed the ring around. He was perfect! He is not spooky which is always nice but tonight he had a very good attitude about everything and his steering was much improved. Perhaps he just needed a few days to let the lessons sink in.

We all noticed that he is starting to get fat! He looks fantastic and is only going to look better with more time and muscle. I think he is going to be quite fancy. He shows a lot of potential and I enjoy working with him. We will hit the trails if the weather stays this nice. No fun trying to fight the big bomber bugs we have here when it is hot and humid.


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