Spa day

Yesterday, I took the day off work as always to take care of horse/cat appointments. The barn kitties went off to the local SPCA and the horse dentist was coming in the afternoon.

After I dropped the BOY cats off I headed into the barn to start riding before the dentist showed up. I wanted to see how Houndy was looking so I took him out to free lunge him around. Houndy has what I call the funk. You don’t even know where the soreness is coming from because he is just plain funky. The good news is that he has really improved and is almost sound. I think everything is just hurting him and his feet got pretty bruised up which contributes to the whole body ouch he is feeling. I pulled his mane, clipped him up and gave him a quick bath. He loves the attention and is just such a friendly horse. I was trying to take video of him trotting around and he kept coming right back to me. Crazy person waving a lunge whip at him didn’t seem to matter to much. He wanted to say hi instead of being chased around.

I finished up with him and my mom showed up with her two horses so we could ride together. I tacked up Kiss a Monster. He has improved each ride and his steering is somewhat normal. His attitude has also improved greatly so he is no longer balking or trying to wave his legs around in the air when I ask him to PLEASE not go the direction opposite of where I am telling you to go. He is really nice off the leg, soft in the hand and fun to ride. In the middle of the ride the dentist shows up so I take him in and crosstie him with his halter on pointing out horses to the dentist.

My mom wanted to take him for a spin so she took him back out and rode him around a bit. He was a good boy after she figured out how to steer him. You have to think early with him. If he gets it in his head he can go to the gate have fun getting him away from it. She started turning him earlier and he stopped thinking he could make it to the gate.

Houndy, Ring Dancer, Monster and one of my horses were all schedule for the dentist. Houndy was declared good in the teeth department which is most excellent. Monster had one remaining cap that was just lightly flicked out and Ring Dancer had a few caps that came out.

I hope to get some updated video of Monster this weekend for everyone. He is such a cutie! Tomorrow I’m headed to the track to make the rounds and also pick up a few horses. We have one donated from the track and another that has went to the farm already and is now being donated. We have been very busy with donations from Delaware Park this year! Lovely quality horses who are going to be filtering into our program over time.

Kurt went to pick up the cats at the SPCA and apparently the BOY cat was really a girl 🙂 I hadn’t checked but Kurt had promised me he checked and it was a boy so I just made the appt. and didn’t think anymore about it. Glad he was the one who picked them up. He was very red in the face when he told us and we all got a good laugh.

I will be posting pictures of the new donations over the weekend so keeping checking in!


One response to “Spa day

  1. Hi, Hope you had a nice day off! Can you explain the differences in tracks? I see he word track “caliber”. So some tracks have stronger racers than others, but how do you know which tier a track is in?
    thank you

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