That 3 horse trailer does fit 4 horses

Super busy day yesterday which is the norm around here. We headed up to the track with the trailer as we had planned on picking up one horse at the track that had been donated. We didn’t have enough time to make a full track visit but we did get half of the barns. We were so happy to hear trainers giving CANTER the highest praise. One trainer said they are so happy to have CANTER there and that we provide a great service. The other trainer had been to my barn to drop off a donated horse and he was very complimentary of our process. Another trainer simply said thank you for being here at Delaware Park. We have such a great group of volunteers at Delaware Park that are dedicated to helping and it always feels good to be appreciated. The difference in our second year at Delaware Park has been interesting. We have earned the trust of the trainers and shown them that the process does work. Not only have we listed almost double the number of horses but we have gotten absolutely lovely horses on donation. The trainers are willing to donate them to ensure their good homes are guaranteed.

While doing the rounds we got a call from a trainer who wanted to donate two lovely fillies. I had planned on picking up another horse on the way back so that would put me one over in the trailer. MMMMMM…my box is quite large so I thought I could make it work so we did 🙂

We loaded up the three from the track and then headed to a farm to pick up the other. It was an interesting process and we didn’t do it the best way but live and learn. We should have loaded the back first and then the box but didn’t so the last horse got on the back and I had to slide out past him to get out of the trailer. Stupid but still alive if that counts.

Quickly called the farm to tell them I’m bringing 4 horses instead of 2. They are awesome and have so much acreage it doesn’t matter how many we bring. Whew, onto the farm.

The farm has several huge pastures that look like this.

The dark bay is Wise Gold

Malabar Daisy

Their pictures at the track- wise gold

Malabar Daisy

This is Allaboutmack and his picture at the track

He was so happy to get turned out!

Cool Casey

Everyone settled in really well and I headed back home to get some riding done. Kiss a Monster is doing really well. He got his teeth done and already felt better. I introduced him to trotting some cavalettis which you will see on the video. He tried really hard and was a good boy!

One response to “That 3 horse trailer does fit 4 horses

  1. That’s a cute video. He was very polite.

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