Shuffling horses

Houndy is just not quite ready to start in work yet. Some horses just need more time to get over the rigors of racing before getting started. Not fair to ride them when you can just look at them as see their bodies still hurt. I’m going to take him over to the Centreville farm and bring back another horse who is ready to get going.

I had a fascinating day with Gina Perilla from County saddles. I think we now own four county saddles and they just fit my body and work well for the typical Tb body shape. I try to have Gina come down every six months just to take a peek and fit the horses that I am riding the most. Make sure I’m not overlooking any glaring issues. I recently saw a county conquest on ebay in a 19″ wide with a long flap and bought it for Kurt/Junior. Junior went from a medium to a medium wide and now a wide. As the only non-Tb in the barn he had to have his own saddle. Kurt is excited to not have to share my saddles and I guess we will now borrow his saddle when we ride Junior even if it is going to be way to big in the seat for us. Gina suggested just using a seat cover to take up some of the extra space.

It is possible that I may have lights in the ring by the end of the week which will be wonderful! We continue with all of our farm projects. Recently, we upgraded our fencing in our small paddocks to the diamond mesh no climb with a flex board on top. Excellent fencing for the Tb’s coming right from the track and the layups.

Can’t wait to see what the new guys is all about. Keep checking in to see who I bring back 🙂


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