Added some color

My farm was getting pretty boring with lots of bay horses with minimal white them. I’m thinking Casey will add a bit of color to the farm 🙂

Houndy settle right into the farm and although he is almost sound he just needs a bit more time. We are hoping it’s just an abscess which is the case a lot of times with these horses when they come off the track. Casey had run his last race in May so he looked ready to go as he had already been turned out on his owner’s farm for several months.

Casey walked right on the trailer and then came home and unloaded like he had been doing it forever. He ate some dinner and then went out with his new buddy (Kiss a Monster). He currently is missing a shoe so he is wearing a cavallo boot until the farrier gets here tomorrow. I hope to get on him this weekend.

His trainers described him as an old soul and so quiet anybody could ride him. He is very relaxed and just a happy go lucky type of horse. I’m looking forward to getting to know him.


3 responses to “Added some color

  1. He sure isnt plain bay 🙂 reminds me of Nancy’s QH Breeze!

  2. Oooo, Casey is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing how he progresses.

  3. Casey really looks like Breeze! Just an extra white sock.

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