Rita has her first ride

Allie was in Annapolis for the holiday weekend and came to visit the farm in Centreville. We headed over that way to meet up and since the weather was so nice I thought I would get Rita out and see what she was all about.

The farm is not set up as a riding facility at all so I was not quite sure where to ride but I’m always happy to ride in a field. We go hike out and pull Rita (fortheloveofrita) in from her group of buddies. She stands nicely to get tacked up in the driveway and we walk across the farm to an empty field.

She is very relaxed and happy which is a bit shocking just having left her buddies and going to a new place. She stands quietly for me to get on and just had a great feel so Kurt let me loose and off we went. She was such a good girl! I was riding in a random field with lots to look at and she wasn’t spooky or even the least bit nervous. We did a bit of w/t/c both directions which went well. Big pats and back out into the field she went. She is going to be one of those super easy quiet horses. Her trainers told us she was just that easy and that they though she would want to be a kids horse. Seems to be the case which is always nice to see.


One response to “Rita has her first ride

  1. So cute, especially since I just left my nutty mare.

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