Monster takes a field trip and some video of Rita

I’ve decided Rita is too cute for words. I had to look to see when she got to the farm and she has been off the track for less than a month. She was excellent for this random ride out in the middle of a field away from the sight of her buddies.

I had a lesson with Mogie yesterday on Meadow Mobster. Wow, what an excellent lesson. Whenever I think I am really making progress Mogie has a way of showing me there is so much more that I can be asking for. I have a habit of being way to soft and easy and not asking for good enough work. She had Mobster looking absolutely amazing!

I had brought Monster (yes, same sire as Mobster :)) along to ride afterwards. He stood quietly on the trailer, was great to tack up and walked in the ring like he had been doing it forever. I had been saying that Mobster was so easy and so far Monster was showing that he had a lot more attitude. I realized he may have more attitude but he does have the same brain. Nothing bothers him which is great for a 3yr! Attitude is something easy to deal with but the ability to go new places quietly and without fuss is quite a feat for a youngster and he is great.

He is really starting to soften into the contact and go forward. Mogie was watching him a bit and thought he was a good mover who was going to be even better with some time. Again she told me to ask for more out of him as he was capable. We laughed that his steering is a bit off because he is still very butt high at the moment. He only had one big buck during the ride and he was really good about the tiny little x-rail that we did. I was thrilled with his outing.


2 responses to “Monster takes a field trip and some video of Rita

  1. very cool!

  2. Rita is adorable and Monster looks great!

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