Wow, Monster is growing up!

The worse part of writing this blog for CANTER is having to show pics and video of myself riding. Riding green horses keeps you humble and watching yourself on video is one way to always keep yourself motivated to keep improving 🙂 I have watched his video several times now and it is hard to believe it is even the same horse that I started riding several weeks ago. He couldn’t steer, traveled with his head straight in the air, wouldn’t go forward and spent more time giving me attitude than he did anything else. He was just a 3yr with a big attitude about having to work.

With 3yr’s I keep the schedule fairly easy. They do light 20 min sessions 4-5 days a week but I try to get them off the farm as much as possible for those rides. We go trail riding, go to other farms, we will go hang out at shows and just teach them about their new jobs. I find that keeping the work interesting and fresh keeps them happy.

I was using that little x-rail to help me get the right lead which worked pretty well. You can see his bit of attitude cantering left but that is very minor compared to what it has how he not only kicked out but then did some sort of whirly bird motion with his head and neck. Ha, doesn’t work buddy so perhaps you might want to give up on those moves sometime soon. Wishful thinking on my part 🙂

I love how he is looking right now and how much progress he has made. It really makes me look forward to each ride on him.


2 responses to “Wow, Monster is growing up!

  1. It’s Back-to-the-trailer-itis! He started acting up every time he had to pass the trailer/gate area. Little turkey! He looks great

  2. He looks very nice, but he is a bit of a stinker, isn’t he?

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