Owner’s Day and more new horses

Owner’s Day was a huge success. Lots of people stopping by our booth to talk about our program or just to say thank you for being here at Delaware Park which is always nice to hear. Our posters, pamphlets and brochure looked great and featured all of the work we have done at Delaware Park thus far.

I only stayed until around 4pm and then headed to the parking lot to get the truck and pick up several horses. We are experts at maneuvering our big trailer (well Kurt is the expert ) inside the tight spaces between the barns. First we stopped to pick up Letterman’s Humor. He is a big 16.1 h 8 yr that has run 50+ races making well over $100k. He won a few stakes races in his day and is ready to have an easier lifestyle.

His connections couldn’t be any nicer and all the horses are well cared for. He has also donated Sonrea, Track’s Protege and King Remda this year.

With Letterman on the trailer we headed to our next stop to pick up Bushy’s Yield. Bushy is a 5 yr 15.3 h gelding who has also ran 50+ races making over $100k. He has a very minor bowed tendon which had been rested for the past 2 months. He was quite behaved considering he hasn’t been working to hard.

His trainer had also donated Shine my Shoes and Diamond H. Bushy is a very mannerly horse and lord is he chunky! All the horses that come out of this barn are as fat as the working hunters 🙂

Our final stop was to pick up Fabulous Jada. She was not a planned pick up but she really needed a place to go. She is a very pretty 16 h 4yr mare with a bowed tendon. Bowed tendons can be rehabbed fairly successfully so I believe she will be just fine with some rest.

Everyone settled in really nicely at the farm. Bushy and Jada are in a small paddock together and Letterman went out to the big field. He made us all laugh with his braveness. He went way out in the 20+ acre field just taking a leisurely cruise around. He made a few laps at a nice canter and then came back to check everything out. Seems to be sound and a really nice mover. He was just so happy!

I didn’t take any pictures as we were just to tired but I’m sure I will be back over there and will get some pictures of them all enjoying their downtime.


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