Trying to catch up

Boy, life seems to be flying by right now and I decided it was time to take a week off work and just take it all in. I had to be away most of the week last week for work and then immediately came home picked up a horse, fit in a lesson and went off to a horse trial yesterday.

Hubby and I are determined to take some time for ourselves this week and not cram to much horse stuff in but I can already see that will be a challenge. I have someone who wants to see fortheloveofrita, I have plans to go the farm and ride/video/photograph as many horses as we can and fit in a horse show for Monster on Sunday.

Monster continues to come along nicely. He is a lovely horse and I am really excited about what how lovely he is becoming. He just needed to figure out that he still has to work and life after racing isn’t all about hanging out in the field eating 🙂 My trainer is hosting a combined test at her farm on Sunday which will be a nice outing for the two 3 yrs that I have here (Monster and Gracie).

We picked up a really cute mare named Wonderful Wise. She was with the same trainer as Wise Gold and Malabar Daisy. It was interesting to hear the trainers say they wanted to make sure that CANTER took their horses because they trust us to do the right thing and also that they don’t have a service like CANTER at Tampa Bay so this was a good time to move their horses into a permanent situation. We brought her home to our farm for a few days before taking her to the lay up farm and she is a really nice mare. Great to work around and so cute. I will get pictures of her when I am at the farm.

We are starting to get a lot of requests about horses in the program when they come available for sale. I think there will be a bunch that should be ready in the next few weeks. I hope to evaluate most of them undersaddle if possible as I just feel better about matching horses with people if I have had a chance to get on them and see what they are all about.

Cool Casey and Kiss a Monster are the two horses that I have here. We are still working to get Casey comfortable and he is a bit ouchy on his feet. It will take some time but he is a lovely horse so I am sure it will all work itself out.

If anyone is looking for a horse feel free to email me and let me know what you are looking for. We have a lot of very nice sound horses or horses that had such minor injuries they should never present any more issues.


2 responses to “Trying to catch up

  1. Time is moving so fast I literally feel dizzy. I don’t know how you do it – between my job and odds and ends I barely have time for my own horse, let alone Mikey and the horses out at the farm (there are four I think really are ready to get started). Are you sure you don’t have some weird kind of time-stalling device?

  2. splishsplashriding

    Enjoy your time off from work this week! My hubby and I just got back from a week long vacation and it was absolutely FABULOUS! Now it is back to the stress of work and trying to balance everything.

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