Excellent first show!

 If I ever decide that it will be just fine to take two 3yr’s to their first shows without any ground help please lock me in a dark room until I come to my senses. Kurt was helping our electrician with the lights on Saturday and they didn’t get finished. He made plans to start work again on the lights bright and early Sunday morning leaving me without help. I knew it wasn’t such a great plan but sometimes you just have to suck it up.

I’m riding a lovely lovely 3yr filly (non-tb) who was broke as a 2yr and then turned back out and I have had her for under 2 months. She has had several off the farm outings to trail ride and visit other rings but this would be her first show. She was up first and was a bit in awe of the atmosphere even though it was a small show. I did get on and quickly got off 🙂 The lunge line was my friend for the next half hour as I lunged, walked her around and then lunged some more. Then I went back and put on my vest for my 2nd try at attempting to ride. She was still a bit silly but I reminded myself the difference between tb’s and non-tb’s is that the Tb’s have seen so much at the track while the non-tb’s have not. She was much more rideable and I did get in the dressage ring.

When I got in there she was balking and displaying other antics going down the centreline and then I was concentrating on getting her forward that I totally forgot where I was going. My trainer was the judge and just leaned out and said I didn’t ring the bell because you were finally getting her forward 🙂 I just picked up the circle and got on the right track. Reminded myself to keep breathing and kick her forward. Whew that was the most interesting test that I had done in a while.

I took her over to the jumping ring and by this time she was starting to relax and we had a lovely w/t/c around the ring past all the spooky jumps and I called it a day. I had achieved some success and didn’t want to add jumps into the mix. She was quite relaxed at the end, loaded up nicely, drank a bucket of water and stood quietly on the trailer.

Monster had been waiting a long time on the trailer so he was ready to get off. While the 3yr filly isn’t much of a talker he likes to holler in a shrill voice. He was good to be tacked up and didn’t seem to be that affected by the show atmosphere. I decided I would throw him on the lunge as well..really at this point I was quite lucky to have not hit the dirt so I didn’t want to tempt fate. He was pretty relaxed about it all so after a short lunge I took him back to the trailer for my mounting block and got on him.

He was really relaxed about the warmup and didn’t care about horses around him or the scary stuff near the warmup. He was really rideable and quite soft in the bridle which was interesting because normally they are OMG and you can’t touch their faces at the first few shows. He actually does better when you give him something to do (as do most tb’s) so I kept him moving and did lots of circles and some baby lateral work. He did have some antics but they have gotten milder each ride. He makes me laugh because every time he would holler he would do a head shake/neck flip thing. I started to move him laterally each time he started to holler to prevent it from happening and that really helped. He has really grown up over the past several rides and started to realize his silly behavior isn’t getting him to far. He is a quiet horse but 3yr’s are 3yr’s and you have to expect a bit of drama.

I was nowhere near my original times so I figured I wasn’t going to get judged which was okay with me. Instead, I got to take him into the ring and ride my test several times which was even better.

He didn’t care that he had to go alone down to the ring and he wasn’t bothered by the judges car or all the potted plants. I practiced teaching him how to get into the corners and just making some baby straight lines. He was doing a really good job of being a grown up horse. I was super proud of him!

I will be out again this weekend with all the horses to a local h/j show. Maybe we will jump but we might not. It all depends on how the day goes and with the greenies you have to be flexible.

I do think I am going to buy myself one of those air vests sometime soon. How much you wanna bet that I will forget to detach myself and end up scaring the horses worse when the vest goes off 🙂

I now have lights up in my ring which is super exciting. Our farm has come so far in 2yrs and is really looking good. Our footing is fantastic and we have a really nice jump course. I finished painting a lot of the flower boxes and gates this weekend. I ordered a lot of fillers but they aren’t finished yet. Need to check in on that.

Who wants to jump the pin wheel flower box 🙂


One response to “Excellent first show!

  1. Very cool!! I wanted o stop by there on my way home from Middleburg but since I didnt go there, and the wedding was way fun!! I stayed home 🙂 Looking forward to getting on Dan (Start the Clock) soon!!!

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