Change is the only constant

I had a 4 day weekend which was wonderful but absolutely packed with lots of horse related activity. Saturday, I headed up to Delaware Park for our weekly track visit. I absolutely love track visits although I can’t go nearly as often as I wish I could. I love the sight, sounds and smells of the racetrack and I really love all the interesting characters that make the track the interesting lifestyle that it is. We have built such a good relationship with the trainers and we spent a lot of time just catching up with everyone.

Sunday, I headed off to lower slower Delaware with three horses to do a little starter trial. That was sort of a last minute decision but sometimes those are the best kind. I rode Gracie, Monster and Mobster. Gracie is a lovely 3yr cleveland bay/tb cross who I have had here for about 90 days now. She has come so far in 90 days and far exceed my expectations. I love these local starter trials that allow you to school whatever fences you wish, take your time and they don’t give you the stink eye if your horses are acting like the greenies they are. Gracie is super green over fences as in never seen a x-c fences before but wouldn’t you know she went right over everything…it was just all the stuff in between the fences that was scary 🙂

Monster was so good on the flat!!! He was relaxed, happy and very confident. He doesn’t spook at anything and is just very brave about the way he handles it all. He put in quite a nice test for his limited training.

 He pretended he forgot how to jump when we got to warmup and I was rushing because I was holding up the x-rail division. Once he remembered he did know how to jump then things moved right along. All the x-rails were decorated with lots of lowers and he was such a good boy about it all. He had also not ever seen a x-c fence but was really super good about going around the course. He wanted to give everything a look over before jumping but heck he is a baby who has never seen a fence before. He got the hang of it halfway through and then was jumping without having to look first 🙂

Mobster was in the BN division and put in a nice dressage test, great stadium and decided to remind me that 4yr’s can still be green even when they have been out and about a lot. There was a jump coming out of the woods and he wouldn’t even look at the jump but instead was intent on ducking the shoulder left and heading back to warmup. Ha, we had words and I got him back on the mental track. I forgive him because he is cute.

My husband did an awesome job grooming and helping me keep them all going. He sent me off to course walk and had them all tacked and ready for me when I got back. I have a bunch of horses in training at the farm and he is a true partner in helping the process run smoothly.

I was supposed to head up to NJ to pick up a horse yesterday but there are still some questions on the vetting so we are awaiting results. Since that didn’t work out as planned we figured why the heck not cram more horse stuff in the schedule 🙂 Allie and I had talked about turning Monster back out for a month or two to process what he has learned and grow up a bit. He having a major growth spurt and I have been feeling a bit pressured to get him working to a certain level for everyone looking at him for sale. Sometimes, you have to step back and listen to the horse and say let off a bit. So I did 🙂

He went back to the C-ville farm and I brought three back with me that I thought are ready to get going and sold before winter arrives. While I was over there I wanted to go have a brief look at the mares. I took a halter and lunge line out in hopes of lunging a few of them.

Can I just say horses go feral when let out in big herds on lush pasture where they don’t depend on humans for food 🙂 Man, nobody wanted to be caught and Kurt and I were playing a cat and mouse game with them.

The only two that wanted to be caught were Indy’s Chic aka Dee and Fabulous Jada. They were super friendly and in our faces. We had a bunch circling around the camera bag…

Dee is standing behind Jada. Apparently they are now friends but looks like someone had to show Jada the initiation into the group..poor girl!

I caught Wise Gold and started to lunge her. Wonderful Wise is the one following her around. OMG hilarious!!! Look at the crew that lined up to watch the lunging.

I wanted to catch Malabar Daisy but no such luck! Kurt was trying to zoom in on her as we made them trot around.

I had to go see Mort. Mort is the new love of my life and again he was the friendliest in that field. Letterman and Track wanted nothing to do with us so no luck there. He is very fresh off the track so a bit funky in behind but no worries. They all look funky. Speaking of funky the once pretty 2yr’s are looking very fugly at the moment 🙂 Horses in race training are well groomed and muscles in all the right places. You take them home and turn them out and all the muscle disappears and they just aren’t so pretty. Give them a few months and they will look great again but the process can be alarming to those who don’t know any better.

Finally, we were ready to pick horses to take home. We basically took whoever we could catch. AllaboutMack was first up and he loaded like a pro and stood on the trailer without a peep for 20 min while we headed out to the other field. We decided on Houndy and Shoes. Shoes had his tendon ultrasounded and was looking ready for a job. They loaded right on and off we went.

I settled them in with some grain and hay when we got home and started pulling their manes and clipping them up. Shoes had a crazy mohawk going on so he got the clippers on his ears and bridlepath. Didn’t bother him a bit. I pulled his mane while he stood nicely in the crossties. I went in the stall and pulled Mack’s mane while he ate his dinner. Haven’t gotten to Houndy yet but will today.

Now I need to have the farrier get their shoes on and we will be ready to go. So excited!


2 responses to “Change is the only constant

  1. You are one busy lady!! Kurt is the best!! Loved the 3 day weekend for me, got on Dan Monday and went for a 30 walking trail ride and he was fabulous! tonight I rode him in the ring circles and halts at the walk and a little bit of trotting 🙂

  2. The lunging was hysterical! How much do we love our OTTBs?

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