Visitors and New Horses

I was supposed to be at the Maryland Starter Trial today but Mobster knocked himself pretty good doing who knows what and is ouchy. Such is the life with horses! Oh well it is a gorgeous weekend and I have a bunch of stuff to do outside today.

Friday, all the newly arrived CANTER horses got shoes on. Houndy, Mack and Shoes were all excellent for the farrier and I am sure they were grateful to have their shoes back on somewhat ouchy feet. I was so excited to ride them I couldn’t resist getting on them for a quick spin despite the chilly and windy weather.

I just rode Houndy and Shoes on Friday night and both of them were perfect. I couldn’t believe how sensible they were in the windy weather and for their first ride in a new place. Houndy is kick along quiet and very relaxed to ride. Shoes appeared to be very well broke which is always nice to see.

Yesterday, Allie had come down to the farm to swap horses with a friend of mine. Friend was looking for something smaller and quieter and Allie was looking for something big who could event and trail ride. Yes, we do have a bunch of lovely CANTER horses who would do those things but there is something to be said for a horse who is NOT dead green 🙂

We got Houndy out first and what a testament to a good brain he is. The wind was whipping and one side of my ring is trees and corn. Even my horses are constantly spooking but he didn’t even bat an eye. Kurt was also dragging the ring with the tractor and at one point in time Hound and I met the tractor head on and that didn’t even phase him. The neighbors pool cover was flying up in the air and all sorts of other distractions. He was going around on a loose rein with me kicking to keep him going. He is a big horse at 16.2 h but he doesn’t quite know how to use his body yet. Very typical for most racehorses.

Mack was next up and I figured it would be interesting to see how he handled everything. He is only a bit more than a month off the track however as a 7 year who raced for many years he has the temperament of a horse who has seen it all and then some. He has the best manners and is just so relaxed to work with. He was just so good out there and very willing to do anything I asked of him. He is still a bit body sore and lacking weight and muscle but that is to be expected at this point. When racehorses lose all that muscle they had they can look pretty rough. You have to build up new muscle but accept they may not look good for a few more months.

I didn’t ride Shoes yesterday so no pics of him but I will get some soon. He is the sweetest horse and just loves people.

I will be doing a lot of nice walk/trot hacks with all of these guys to build up their muscles and get them out on the trails.

I have a feeling they will sell quickly as they all fit the 16+ h, dark bay geldings who are sound with no vices category 🙂


One response to “Visitors and New Horses

  1. They both look happy and proud of themselves to have a job-two cuties

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