Body work

Houndy, Shoes and Mack continue to be wonderful! I have decided that Mack and Houndy could compete for the slowest horse contest. Once again I am left scratching my head on how they get these horses to actually run because these guys are totally chill about life and slow as can be. You pick up the canter and are going along on a loose rein and they don’t want to canter more than 1/2 the ring before dropping back to a walk. Hilarious!

Shoes is just doing a bit of walk and trot as I want to build him up slowly due to the bowed tendon. It has healed great but slow and steady is always the best way to ensure that they come back to work and stay sound.

I have introduced cavaletti’s and x-rails to Houndy and Mack. I find that small jumps are good for building hind ends. Both of them took right to it and are fast learners.

I have also taken them both out for short trail rides and they were fantastic. You never know what they will do when you get out in big open fields but these two are exceptionally sensible with great brains. Not spooky and just truly classy horses.

They are all so sweet with super personalities. Shoes is probably the friendliest of the bunch and comes right up to you in the field and follows you around. He is such a cutie!

One of the first things that I like to do besides teeth is get them worked on by the chiropractor. It can tell you so much about their body and really help them get comfortable early on in their work. She said that Mack and Shoes felt pretty good but Houndy needed a bunch of adjustments. Yep, exactly what I was thinking. They are all a bit footsore which results in their bodies being sore. It takes some time after you get shoes on for their bodies to feel better. Houndy is reluctant to go forward but when we jogged him after the chiro session he already looked more comfortable.

Looking forward to the weekend when I can hit the trails. I would like to take Houndy and Mack out cubbing as well but want them to get a bit more muscle first.


One response to “Body work

  1. Hi,
    I have a horse from canter who has a set bow. He had surgery from Michigan State University. They released him for dressage and low level jumping. I have had him about 6 months and we are doing ground work.
    How is the best way to start his riding again?
    thank you

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