Houndy wins the snail race

It has been a while since we have had a CANTER horse this slow 🙂 Houndy sees no point in being in a hurry to go anywhere. I had planned a weekend of trail riding for both Mack and Houndy to get them out of the ring and start to build some muscle. I can only ride so many horses and thought Kurt could ride Houndy out and about for me.

Friday night we came home and I asked him to give Houndy a test ride to make sure he felt comfortable on him. Ha, in a few minutes he was happily cantering around with a grin on his face telling me how he had to push houndy along. Kurt is a pretty good rider but doesn’t ride very often so he flops around a bit and sometimes gets off balance but Houndy didn’t care. I took some video of Kurt putting him through his paces.

Then he walked over to the jump standard and got the video out of the bag while sitting on Houndy and just dropped the reins on his neck to video me. He couldn’t get over how Houndy stood perfectly still.

Here is some video of Houndy and Mack. Please realize that both Houndy and Mack were barefoot a week ago and are still quite foot sore and both are just getting put into work so they lack muscle. Mack is less than 2 months off the track after a long race career. I give this warning because sometimes people don’t understand what Tb’s look like when they come off the track and start letting down. They lose all that racing muscle and fitness and look a lot worse before they start to look better. You have to build muscle in all new places and start to build the fitness back up. These guys are moving nothing like they will in a few months from now but the BRAIN is what I look for. Both are super quiet, balanced, forgiving and kind.

Saturday, we went to blackbird state forest with Junior (my connemara/tb) and Gracie, a clients cleveland bay/tb filly. Gracie is just learning to jump and the trails have all these nice logs ranging from 18″ to 2’6″ scattered through the trails. Kurt would lead and I just followed along on gracie. Kurt loves riding Junior which makes me super happy as Junior is an awesome lead horse. We had to cross water, wooden bridges, go past campsites and lots more and Junior is super brave. Kurt has started getting back into jumping now and was happily jumping everything on Junior. He said Junior is super smooth which makes him feel comfortable.

We got back home and took Houndy and Mack out for a little trail and they were excellent! We rode right down the road and neither were bothered by traffic and then we got into the open corn fields and both of them happily trotted along relaxed and happy.

I also got on the new arrival. Canes Palace raced on Tuesday and we picked her up on Wednesday. She was donated but her awesome owner who has lovely horses.  She is 16.1 as a 3yr and looks like she has some growing to do. She was super quiet and easy to ride. Quite impressed with her considering she raced this week and just shipped into a new place. She didn’t even look at anything in the ring.

We headed back to Blackbird State Forest on Sunday morning with Gracie and Junior this time to ride with some friends. I wanted to test Gracie out in a bigger group and see how she did. She was excellent! Junior gets quite fired up being in a group but he always listens. You would think he was all Tb with his desire to be in the front 🙂

We headed back to the farm and got a little rest before the next trail ride with Houndy and Mack. There was a group of us that went out which was quite the test for a 2nd trail ride but once again our horses couldn’t have been any better. Mack led the way just as brave as can be and he is just super easy. Kurt was on Houndy who was way in the back w/o a care in the world. He doesn’t care if the whole group leaves him he is just hanging out. At one point, Jane’s horse darted through a patch of trees and Kurt said he was ready for Houndy to do the same thing but he just calmly walked on through the gap of trees. We had a nice walk/trot ride.

I have to say these are two exceptionally nice horses. Mack is a 7yr and you can tell he is just a total class act. He is so smart and he has seen the world and then some. Houndy reminds me so much of my older horse when he was a youngster. He needs to learn to go more forward but he is super quiet and quite athletic. He still needs to figure out how to use his body but he will.

It was a really busy weekend full of horses. We are taking the day off from riding today!


One response to “Houndy wins the snail race

  1. I am drooling over Canes Palace! What a lovely girl – and I can’t believe she’s moving like *that* so soon after leaving the track!

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