I know this sounds crazy but from the first picture I saw of Houndy there was just something about him that made me keep looking. Then I realized it was because he so strongly reminded me of my older horse who I lost last year. They have the same face, same personality and same way of going.

I was bringing in Houndy and Mack last night and they come walking up and I see that Houndy has a formation growing from his cannon bone..just lovely. Looks like he got a kick or something but nothing really open just a little scrap but a lot of swelling. My friend Melissa donated ice boots to CANTER so I headed in to get some ice for his icing.

Ha, now you want to talk about one big baby of a horse he was it. He wanted nothing to do with me scrubbing the wound, touching his leg, putting on a boot and having ice in there. He lifted the leg sky high like I was killing him. I managed to get the ice in and have him believe he wouldn’t die. Mmm..just like my old horse used to do. He was the world’s biggest sissy when it came to any sort of injury. I had to convince Houndy he wasn’t going to die and to stand still.

Meanwhile, I bring out Mack and start tacking him up. He always just hangs out sleeping while you work on him. He LOVES a good curry and was tilting his head and flipping his lip up for the currying. Houndy is over there looking at his leg every 2 seconds thinking I have seriously crippled him with this ice boot. Mack is back to sleep.

I leave Houndy hanging on the crossties and head out for a ride on Mack. Mack is learning a bit about stretching into contact and we trotted a gate and some x-rails. No clue where his legs go but willing to give it all a try which is all that I ask. He has such a pleasant nature about him which I really can appreciate after some that tend to take every opportunity to be silly.

I put Mack away and give Houndy a good curry as well. He loves all the attention being given and begs me for carrots. Have you seen his face???

I spent some time loving on Houndy and thinking about my old boy. It was one of those quiet nights at the barn that just made me reflect on the past. I love all the horses but some are just a bit more special because of these larger than life personalities. This is a head shot of my older guy, Epizootic aka Mr. Jones

Houndy has such a similar personality. He always greets me with a nice holler and he is quite silly to work around. Likes to pick up things and just has these eyes that are so full of life. He also has that relaxed way of going where he is never really in a hurry. You ride him and think to yourself it is no wonder he couldn’t run a little bit. He has these big long legs but hasn’t figure out how to use them yet. You get glimpses of the athletic nature and what he will be when it all comes together but you have to laugh at his awkwardness. He loves  giving hugs and he just couldn’t be any sweeter.

He is truly a horse that I enjoy looking at and working around each and everyday. Perhaps it is the similarity to my older horse that draws me to him or maybe it is just the big personality he has. Helps that he is my favorite color 🙂

I have been feeling a bit down and out lately with everything that has happened but the CANTER horses do make me smile everyday. How can you not appreciate Mack who is this lovley 7yr who ran 50+ races making close to $100k and has just been foot perfect since he arrived. He has the cutest little head and is just such a good boy. He has perfect manners and is just so kind. He makes me want to hug him everytime I look at him and I often do 🙂 Then I have Shine My Shoes who is just such a cutie as well.

I’m gearing up for a weekend of riding. I think Kurt has recovered from last weekend so we should be hitting the trails again with all the horses.


One response to “Memories

  1. thank you for writing often. It is fun to go with you, figuratively of course, around the farm and see the horses through your eyes.

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