Transfer of horses

Yesterday morning we headed over the Centreville, Md farm to meet the shipper who was taking a few of the horses down to North Carolina. The market is booming for ottb’s in NC so it makes sense to keep a nice steady flow headed South. Track’s Protege, Fortheloveofrita and Malabar Daisy were the horses we sent down. I was supposed to send Canes Palace down but she caught a cold and then developed a fat leg so she wasn’t in shape to make a 8 hr trip. Instead, we figured we would send whatever mare we could catch. They all came up to us but it looked like Malibu Barbie  aka Daisy was ready for a job.

They loaded up easily and off they went. I wanted to check everyone out and had a bit of time to get on a few. I just picked a field and got on who I could catch. First up was Diamond H. Diamond is a super cool type of horse he is a 5yr and about 16.2ish. He is one of those old style guys with big bone, big chest, barrel and hind end. His trainer told me he has had a few out of Diamond (Diamond H’s sire) and they are all pretty big horses. Diamond H had a bowed tendon and he had a restriction on the ligament so we did a minor surgery to release the tightness of the ligament and he has been hanging out since June.

He is a big puppy dog and just one of those horses who is an old soul. He stood there sleeping while we combed all the burrs out of his mane 🙂 We tacked him up and just headed right out to the big field to ride. I know it’s not necessarily smart to ride in a field full of horses but it’s what I had to work with and I knew Diamond was not the type that would care. He was so easy a grandmother could ride him 🙂 He was a bit short on his feet which are still a bit ouchy but felt pretty good to me. He didn’t care that I rode way away from his buddies way out into the middle of the field. He was kick along quiet just happy to go along with whatever silly stuff I was asking of him. At one point, the horses all came running up and were following along behind him.

Next up was Jacob J who is a new arrival. He was recently donated but has been off the track for a while but went back to the track to be a pony horse. The meet is ending and it was time for him to find a home off the track. He is a 7yr and so adorable. He was super friendly and had followed Diamond H down and hung around when I was tacking up Diamond like he was hoping to be next. He was really quiet to tack up but had that look in his eye like he was eager to go somewhere and do something. His owner had trail ridden him in fairhill and said he was really good so I was hoping. He proved to be excellent. I rode him a bit in the small paddock to get a feel of him and then took him out in the field as well. What a cool horse! I think he will sell fast and being a pony horse he already rides western and neck reins.

Diamond following along..

Those were all the horses ready to be ridden for that field so we headed to the other field. We saw Mort and thought he might be up for a ride but when I got on him it was apparent he wasn’t quite ready. He didn’t do anything bad but just didn’t want to amuse me with riding in his field.

He does have a great mind as he demonstrated when the whole field came cantering up and then joined along with us.

Bushy’s Yield is looking good! He was cantering around in circles and then spent some time picking up the mounting block and tossing it around.
The grulla colored horse is Dusty, the resident farm pony. He is a troublemaker 🙂

Bill is the lovely 2yr that everyone keeps emailing me about and I say he is not available yet. He is still growing and half the time I see him I think he looks kind of fugly but then he is pretty again. He will be stunning as a 3yr!

Serious case of bad hair 🙂

Speaking of good looking horses check out Kiss a Monster in the far right hand corner of this pic.

He was doing fabulous in his retraining but being a 3yr I thought he just needed a bit of a mental and physical break to grow up a bit. He looks so good right now. I wanted to bring him home but I think I will give him another month or two. He is a seriously fancy horse..just wait and see.

I love spending time at this farm and think the horses are in absolute heaven. They are all so happy and it is so peaceful.

I will write more about Sunday’s events tomorrow.

Video of Diamond H and Jacob


One response to “Transfer of horses

  1. splishsplashriding

    Seriously? Could they be any cuter and funnier following each other around?!?!?! :):):):)

    Ashlea and Splash

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