Feeling the difference

I had been away for work the past several days so the boys had a bit of a rest. I finally got my fields arranged so that I now have a FAT horse side who just eat timothy and a skinny horse side who eats the alfalfa. This will make life much easier. Mack, Casey, Shoes and Jacob J are now all together on one side.

Speaking of Jacob J, he just arrived here last night. Kurt took a shipment of mares (canes palace, indy’s chic and Fabulous Jada) to our buckeystown, Md farm and brought Jacob back here. I am trying very hard to get back to 8 horses before winter arrives.

As I am writing this they are all out there playing with sticks….I know I should probably not allow this to happen but it is SO funny. Mack, the 7yr, is the silliest of the bunch but Shoes is the instigator. He has spent the past two days playing halter tag and rearing up and trying to get everyone to play with him.

I rode Mack this morning and boy does he feel fantastic. He is finally comfortable enough in his body and his feet feel good enough that he can move forward. He was stretching down in the walk, trot and canter and I starting to teach him the lateral work. He is super smart and what a brain he has.

I mention his brain because as I was riding down the long side approaching the telephone pole we scared one of the cats who ran up the telephone pole and the hurdled over the fence down into the tax ditch and then into the corn. Mack never even blinked at the damn crazy cat.

I’m off to do some grocery shopping but will be back home to ride the rest of the crew. I will get some pics and video of Shoes this weekend. He has been left off the picture list and we all need to see pictures of his cute face.


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