The proof is in the pictures

I have known that Mack was feeling better under me and starting to look different. Sometimes when you see them on a daily basis you can’t quite tell if they are gaining weight and muscle or if you just want to imagine they are πŸ™‚

We always try to take pictures of them when they arrive so we can look back and be shocked. I find that sometimes it is really hard for people to look at a horse at their worst and imagine what they will look like but I have a lot of practice at it.

Mack on Sept 21


I remember our first ride was when Allie was down visiting and I went to pick up the trot and it felt like a creaky old man who couldn’t quite move his legs. He was less than 2 months into his layup and still a bit body sore and one of those horse who hadn’t learned to trot at all. He had this sort of trot/canter mix going on.

Oct 16

I have just started to teach him about contact but with horses who tend not to be the most naturally forward horses it can be challenging. I am really having to push him forward and say keep using that hind end. It can be super confusing to them at first to have someone taking contact because they think it means slow down so you have to show them that it can mean something different than slow down. He is just so extremely smart and willing to learn.

Some pictures we took of him yesterday as he started to figure out how to use his body.

Once again he demonstrated his amazing brain in the high whipping winds and cold temps. At one point, my fake christmas tree brush jump actually blew across the ring but he was not phased.

I wasn’t able to get the farrier out to get Jacob J’s shoe back on but hopefully soon. I also didn’t get pictures of Shoes as Kurt was busy when I was riding him. I will get them this week.


9 responses to “The proof is in the pictures

  1. Love your blog, so fun to watch and see the comings and goings and meet all the horses..great work, Mack looks beautiful in the fourth picture up from the bottom!!

  2. Mack the Magnificent.

  3. Dear Deidra,

    I had so much fun reading your blog. I laughed my head off. You show the process that most people don’t know about racehorses. The transition process is crucial and necessary. I have bought four CANTER horses myself and found wonderful loving homes for all of them.
    I’m looking again so keep me in mind. You go girl !!!


  4. Deidra,

    Little is good.


  5. Hi Jessica
    Do you have any video of Mack, especially jumping? Thanks!

  6. Deidra,

    I’m not sure I logged in correctly. I hope you got this !


  7. Thoroughbreds4ever

    Mack is so beautiful!! I wish I could have him!
    Just wondering…
    If you had someone that purchased a horse out of state, would you ship the horse to them? And if so, how much would it cost?

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