New homes and being silly

Ring Dancer was the first horse we took in on donation from Delaware Park this meet. She is an absolutely lovely 3yr 16.1 h filly who is as sweet as they come especially considering she did a very long period of stall rest for a fractured sesamoid. She found an awesome home where she will be a sport horse broodmare making pretty warmblood babies.

It has been a hectic week on the farm with lots of riding and farm projects. I had intended to get new pics and video of Mack, Shoes and Jacob J but so far that hasn’t happened. Tomorrow, I promise 🙂

It just gets dark so early now that I basically run home and feed and before I even get on one horse it is getting dark. So very thankful for my lights! I did get to spend Thur/Fri working with Shoes and Mack. Jacob J got his shoes on today so I’m so eager for tomorrow to come so I can get on him. I pulled all three horses manes and clipped them up. I think they will all need actual clip jobs but dragging my feet on that one still.

I figured it was a good time to get Mack started over the fillers that are under the jumps so we practiced in hand first which doubles as my exercise program. I trotted him in hand over all the little gates, flowers and straw boxes. At first he was totally confused and not sure he could possibly follow me over but being the super smart horse that he is within a jump or two he had it figured out. Then I got on him and trotted over all of them and he went right over. Good boy!

I had 10 min to spare last night so I brought Jacob out for the same routine. He was quite game and was really jumping right over them not just trotting. That was interesting because I couldn’t quite trot fast enough for him. I am thinking jumping with me on his back is going to be super easy.

Do you ever introduce your horse to new jumps in hand first? I find that it is a great way to explain scary concepts so that they seem simple. Horses are pretty trusting so if you can develop that trust jumping all the scary stuff becomes easy. I like to make everything scary but small enough to step over.

Speaking of jumps, I had order some new fillers about four months ago and finally went to pick them up tonight. I have rolltops, brush boxes, arch walls, a regular wall and planks. Now I just have to paint them all which I dread but since I still have the excitement factor going I should perhaps let that motivate me 🙂

I have some big news coming in the next few days. So EXCITING!


5 responses to “New homes and being silly

  1. Jess,
    I truly look forward to each new chapter of your blog as one of the highlights of my week. Not only do you provide a wealth of knowledge for folks in the reschooling process, but you also help adopters gage where reasonable expectations might be for each horse at each different stage.
    Thank you for letting us all share in the ride.

    • Kris,
      Thank you so much for the nice comments. I truly love working with all these horses and enjoy sharing the process with everyone. I often am so excited to come and write a blog post so I can talk about my horses 🙂

  2. Jess, You have made this “whole” donation process as painless as possible…. I don’t know where you get your energy, but Jacob J thanks you for all you are doing for him….

    • Margie,
      Thank you! CANTER as a whole tries to support the owners and trainers who truly care about their horses and want to ensure they end up in good homes. Check back in for some new Jacob pics and videos!

  3. Thoroughbreds4ever

    How would a 5’7″ person look beside a 16.1 hand horse? ( Where would my head be??!!)

    Thank you for writing these blogs! It is very exciting to be able to keep up with the training processes for all of these wonderful Thoroughbreds!!

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