An awesome Houndy Update!

Written by his new owner:

I’m finally getting around to posting a comment…get ready it will be a long one! First of all I can’t say thank you enough, Jessica, for telling me about Houndy and for your insight, knowing what I was looking for even if I myself wasn’t even sure. 🙂 I will always remember that trail ride we went on…I was giddy! I have never cantered a horse towards home with a loop in the rein not to mention his trail mate throwing in a nice buck for fun. Houndy just looked at Jr and said “Oh I better move over a tad”. I finally understood everything my friends were trying to tell me but I just didn’t know any better to understand…and I have a very hard head. I have had some great horses but nothing I could really just enjoy…Houndy is a horse I am enjoying every day. And did I say he is beautiful too! Yes, he’s green, but he has a great brain and is just such a good guy… I LOVE this horse! He really is good for me as I do have some anxiety issues…especially when it comes to trailering. Like many horse people, I had a bad trailering experience but just haven’t been able to totally get over. I was perfectly comfortable hauling Houndy because of his confidence. I even took him over the scary Bay Bridge! Of course he didn’t know he was going over a bridge but I sure did. The fact that I drove over it with a horse trailer says how determined I was to see this horse and hopefully take him home. I’m hoping to show him this spring and have come up with the show name, with the help of my wonderful friends, “Sight Unseen” as I knew I was going to DE to pick him up even though I had never even met him. Last weekend was Houndy’s first trip in the trailer after arriving to my home. I didn’t have help to load him so wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I had a few treats and just kinda walked up the empty side of the trailer…he took the treat then went in. I was so shocked it took a minute for me to register that he went in. Best of all he just stood there while I went to the back to close the butt bar. I then went to my friends house to ride in her arena. I knew this would be a test for him as her field connects to the arena and she has two mares who love to run and buck when visitors arrive. Houndy did not care that they were showing off…he was perfect! When we were done he walked back on the trailer and we went home. Houndy seems really happy living with his new friend, a 18 yo retired TB jumper named Harley in a 10 acre field full of grass. Did I say I am so in love with this horse? 🙂


3 responses to “An awesome Houndy Update!

  1. Congratulations on Houndy! Jess paired me up with Top Punch 18 months ago and he sounds the same as Houndy. His nickname is Perfect Punch, as he’s just so darn good in all situations. Punch has been the nicest horse I’ve ever had and always keeps an even head, regardless of the situation. I attribute a lot of it to their professional treatment at the track. Obviously, these guys have been treated kindly and respectfully and give the same in return.

  2. How wonderful!

  3. That’s the best news. I see lots of blue ribbons in your future.

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