Mack has found his new home

A few years ago, I had spoken with Debbie about Dixie when she was horse shopping but he had just been sold. I had never met her but it was one of those we know each other from the internet sort of things that is so common in the new computer and social networking age. She had read the blog and kept in touch.

She was looking for a horse that she could ride and that would also be quiet enough for her husband to ride. She initially inquired about Houndy but he had just sold. I told her I thought Mack was just as nice but even better because he is the older horse who has seen it all and then some and just has that wiseman temperament.

She flew down last weekend to have a ride on him just to make sure and liked him better in person than in his pictures and video. She did the whole beginner test of leaning forward, pulling the reins, bouncing around and just being silly and he was totally able to take a joke. He still was a bit unsure of what the whole contact concept meant but had some really nice moments.

He will be leaving at some point and she asked if I would clip him because he has the typical lived outside w/o a blanket coat and was sweating when we rode him. I was hoping he would be good to clip but knowing how wise and smart he is I figured he would be. Thankfully, he was perfect. Kurt and I combined efforts and got him all spiffy and cleaned up. He really enjoyed the attention and got stuffed full of carrots during the whole clipping process because he was being such a good boy.

Kurt has bought me some Oster Power Pro cordless clippers last year for Christmas to replace my Wahl Arco’s that broke. We HATE them. The big lister star clippers are absolutely awesome but the cordless clippers were making us quite angry. I refrained from throwing them down the barn aisle 🙂 I bought some new Arco’s so hopefully they arrive soon.

I know Debbie is going to love Mack. He has morphed into this super awesome horse with a big personality. I was telling her that when he arrived he was really shy and didn’t see much reason to like people. He was totally getting his butt kicked in the field and just couldn’t quite find his place. He is now the BOSS in the field, comes in hollering and banging for his dinner and just has this I’m awesome attitude which makes me so happy to see. That is when you totally know they are ready for their new job and want to go back to work. He raced for 5yrs of his life and that was all he knew but now he is embracing his new lifestyle. I am super excited for Debbie because this is a horse that I look forward to riding each and everytime because he tries so hard and is so smart. I will miss him but as always our goal is to find the perfect homes for them and there is nothing better than when that happens.

I will get some new pictures of him with his clip job. It could look awful today..perhaps I don’t want to take pictures 🙂 We have to clip Shoes and Jacob as they are also just to hairy to work in this warmer weather. I don’t have enough time to be cooling them all out for several hours each night so clipping is necessary. I’m all about making it easier for me to get them all ridden each night without a lot of extra steps.


One response to “Mack has found his new home

  1. I can’t wait to get him home!! And I bet his clip job looks awesome. He was all you described and more and I know my husband is going to love him… as soon as he pries him away from me. 😉

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