Loss of Motivation

I totally admit to being in a bit of a winter is here and it gets dark early kind of funk. I can’t even say that I can’t ride because it gets dark to early because the lights in my ring totally rock. It’s just the time of year when I feel the need to take a little bit of a break so I do. My real job is also kicking my butt right now with lots of retirements, new job postings and change going on within our organization. It’s keeping me at work late and when I’m not at work then I’m often at home working on stuff for work.

I had a lovely four day weekend and spent most of it being very lazy. Kurt and I did work on painting some of the new jumps and they look awesome! He put a really awesome stain on the wood on the rolltop and painted stones on the arch wall. I painted poles and standards and cleaned the barn.

I did do a bit of riding over the weekend and have been coming to the realization that Shoes feels like a million bucks. I’ve adjusted his grain a bit to keep me in the saddle 🙂 Now he is not at all being scary but his antics got shutdown in a hurry. Friday he was pretty good but spooking at the jumps and everything in the ring. He couldn’t focus at all. I don’t normally use draw reins at all but Saturday the wind was blowing and he was already looking for things to be scared of. Yep, I got on and had to call for Kurt to lead me around the ring…really??? Ha a good old pony ride.

I had put the draw reins on just for that reason because the little turd needed to focus. It’s not about putting his head down but more or less stopping him from scooting, spooking and spinning and getting away with it. I also took the dressage whip to enforce the you WILL go past the jumps and down the long side of the ring. We finished up our ride nicely.

I didn’t ride him yesterday but tonight he was perfect! Not even one spook or even a look and the cats were having play time out there running up and down and hiding behind the jumps. He was perfect in the barn and then just came out very nicely and walked flat footed for 10 min as we warmed up with baby lateral work and stretching. He felt so soft and flexible in his body. He is really understanding how to come forward and soften his back. He was a bit silly in the canter but hey I will take what I can get. I just adore him and he loves people. He is so nice to work around and very professional. I think he just need a little bit of direction in his life 🙂

Jacob J has been fantastic to ride and he was getting much more comfortable in the barn. We took a short trail ride to the local trail system yesterday which was his first off the farm trip. He was a bit nervous when he got off the trailer but he did absolutely nothing wrong just a bit scared. Once I got on him you could tell he was much more comfortable. Kurt, Jane and I took a nice walk/trot ride and Jacob was excellent. He lead or followed and was really happy about it all. I think he just needs to take a few more trips to realize it’s no big deal.

I have gotten excellent reports on Houndy and Mack which makes me super happy.

I’m uploading some video of Shoes from our ride under the lights tonight.


One response to “Loss of Motivation

  1. splishsplashriding

    This is what happens to us with these MD winters. If it isn’t freezing cold it is grey and rainy….like today. Certainly makes it hard to motivated to do much of anything. Blah!

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