Paddocks full of bling

I am finally getting around to writing about our latest arrival. His name is Acclimate and he is a 9yr who made over $400k on the track and is retiring sound. I don’t know the full details of how/why he ended up with CANTER besides the fact that he had caring owners and trainers who wanted to ensure a good home for him. I looked at his racing record and he sure has had a lot of different trainers and owners over time.

Allie took him in memory of It’s a Monster aka Cecil- who was also a tough campaigner who got a chance at a second career via CANTER.

Up until a week ago he had been a stallion but CANTER does not take stallions so he was gelded and shipped to my farm where he can slowly be let down and introduced to other horses. I wasn’t sure what to expect but got a bit of a glimpse into his personality when the van driver said he had to change vans during the trip due to a headlight issue and this guy was a perfect gentleman. The van drive told me he was a classy old horse.

He sure is a lovely horse with perfect manners and just that wise look of a horse who has been there and done it all. He is a complete professional about everything which is why I love the Tb’s. He is still healing from his gelding procedure and I am hosing and lightly cleaning and he doesn’t even offer to lift a leg.

I turned him out a bit to take some pictures and video for Allie and could barely get him trotting. He was just happy to be out but like most horses who haven’t been turned out with other horses he was terrified of the other horses. He is out alone but next them and when they approach the fence he runs the other way 🙂

We have some really nice movers at CANTER but when this guy picked up the trot my jaw dropped. WOW!

He will just get to hang out for a few months and be a horse. Right now he goes out half a day alone but this weekend I will slowly introduce him to the other horses once all his parts heal up 🙂

He got his shoes pulled tonight and I feel like he knows he is on a different path in life. He is so smart and has such a personality. Nope, not getting spoiled at my place….I just wouldn’t do that 🙂

Right now I have Jacob J, Cool Casey, Shoes and Acclimate on one side of the barn. Lots of chestnuts with bling! Everyone already thinks Casey and Jacob are not Tb’s so I am sure Acclimate will get fat and sassy and join that crew.


11 responses to “Paddocks full of bling

  1. Wowza. He is stunning! He has a wise look about him. No doubt he will make someone a fantastic horse!

  2. Acclimate is gorgeous! His face is too cute, and daaaaaaaamn, he does look like a nice mover. 🙂 Nice build, too — no wonder he stayed sound for so long.
    Is Casey that handsome 5 year old chestnut gelding? If so, he’s quite the looker as well. I SO wish I was in the market for a horse right now, because *whoa* you’ve got some nice ones!

  3. Another fancy pants in the crowd. Sweet!

  4. Gorgeous! Methinks he wants to do a little dressage!

  5. So cute! I want to bring home and let him sleep on my pillow!

  6. What a lovely guy! So glad you have him

  7. Jessica,
    You *really* need to stop posting all of these gorgeous horses online!
    I have a monster crush on Acclimate and you could be the force that makes me crash next year and get my back-up horse:)

  8. Wow. Bling indeed. I’m sure you’ll have a blast working with this “professional” horse as opposed to all the 3yr olds. I’m breaking out my three year old and I always think of your post, “Damn 3yr olds”…you are right, there is ALWAYS DRAMA with 3 year olds!

    • Ha, those 3yrs are nothing but trouble 🙂 I really love them but in the middle of winter with 30+ mph winds blowing I would much rather be riding the guys who are a bit more professional about going out to work and not using every excuse to be silly. Good luck with your 3yr 🙂

  9. Ok-these guys are getting more beautiful. Love the high whites and pretty little head. Hmmmm….. looks like a nice Hunter to me. I do not need another horse…I do not need another horse.

  10. By the way-how tall is Acclimate?

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