Super gross

One of the complications with gelding an older horse is infection. In laymen terms, their balls are bigger and they tend to bled a lot when you do the procedure so the vets tie them off which leads to a greater risk of infection (at least I think that is what my vet said). They also swell up a lot more than normal horses.

When Acclimate arrived I thought things didn’t quite look normal up under there but I don’t geld a lot of horses so I admit I wasn’t 100% sure. I went ahead and scrubbed all the parts with some warm water and nolvasan and started him on Smz’s and bute.

I have been checking him daily but yesterday morning I leaned over and saw this..if you don’t like gross pictures beware!

I hadn’t yet snapped this pictures but went inside to email Allie and tell her I was thinking a vet visit was necessary. Then I figured ya know just go outside and take some pictures so they can see what you are talking about.  It’s 6am and I leaning down under a horse with a camera in my work clothes.

My vet rocks and must have been checking her email right then because she instantly replied see you at 8am 🙂 Allie always tells me to do whatever I feel is necessary so I was planning on calling the vet but the vet thankfully got to see the pictures.

The poor guy had to have all of that reopened up and flushed out. It was freezing cold so the vets scrubbing tray and bedadine had froze up as soon as she sat it out. We were defrosting everything with warm water. Big guy was not going down nicely on minimal drugs so he had to have an extra dose of tranq so she could safely work under him. It was all opened back up and cleaned out super well. He is on a very strong course of antibiotics, cold hosing and forced exercise.

Last night, I had to chase him around and make him trot and canter to keep everything stretched out and then cold hose him (I did cut it a bit with warm water) but he was PISSED. He had been an angel to hose but now that it was a fresh wound again it hurt him. I feel so bad for him. He is such a classy and willing animal. I am lucky he is so behaved because clearing up this infection requires a lot of shots and unpleasant procedures.

I had forgotten to bring the bottle of abx to the barn so on the way out to the pasture Kurt walked him up under the porch light (yeah it was 6am) so I could see well enough to give him the IV shot. He stood perfectly just waiting for me to get done so he could go out. He is also up in my front paddock away from the other horses but never offers to run around and doesn’t even get upset when we come home and feed time is arrived. Most horses are pacing the gate and then acting like goofs on the walk down to the barn. I just walk him in with a plain cotton rope but I think he would walk in by himself. I really like him but he is hating me right now.


7 responses to “Super gross

  1. Awww poor guy!! That looks pretty gross. Hope that all settles down soon!

  2. I feel so sorry for him. Wonderful you caught it so quickly.

  3. how is he looking? Sure hope he is doing better.

  4. Jess, I don’t know where you get your energy from……. When things aren’t going so well (such as this case) it really bums me out. The horses try to be so brave about treatment, but they really do have to wonder what they did to deserve the pain. Keep up the good work, you’re amazing. Margie

  5. Many kudos to are due to you and Kurt, Jessica for your compassion and dedication to OTTB’s. I have to agree I don’t know where you get all your energy from everyday, but I am soooo very grateful that there are people like you and your husband in this world.
    Even with so many track horses in peril these days you consistently give your readers hope everyday for their future, one horse , one victory at a time.
    Thank you and God bless you both.

  6. Poor boy! Sending hugs

  7. Eeeeeeewwwies! That is one nasty-lookin’ infection. Poor guy! (And poor you for having to deal with that.) Hope things clear up and heal quickly!

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