Random ramblings

Acclimate is feeling much better and we have normal size horse parts. I have to say he is absolutely the best patient you could ask for. I’m sticking him with needles at least once a day and then he gets a paste of stuff to help his stomach deal with all the antibodics. I also have to hose and scrub his private parts daily and he is very kind to me.

Kurt and I finally went to watch Secretariat last night. Movie tickets are $4.50 on base which is totally awesome cause we are cheap like that 🙂 It was supposed to be a wash out weather wise today but when I looked at radar the rain wasn’t coming until later so we hit the trails. Kurt was on Junior aka Sham and I was on Jacob J aka Secretariat. We raced down the trails like little kids which was so much fun. Jacob J was much more relaxed for his second outing and was happy to be out and about. He is such a blast to ride! He will lead or follow which is nice. When we got into our first good gallop and Kurt passed him he was not quite sure what the appropriate response was but I asked him to just chill and he was happy to do so and then when I let him go he was even more happy to do that. Can I just tell you how much it is to have a hubby that ride? I admit it was a chore getting him off the couch but once he was out there he has as much fun riding as I do. Junior is an awesome horse and Kurt just gets along perfectly with him which is fantastic for me. We jumped some logs and then practiced our dressage on the way home with some long and low stretch work. Kurt even knows how to get Junior to do dressage which is too cute.

I haven’t had any interest in Jacob J which is a bit suprising. I thought people would like the 16 h stocky chestnut with white who is sound with no vices???? 7yrs old is still young and he has a super brain. I’m sure the right person will come along.

In other news, Cool Casey is really coming around and I rode him for the first time since his arrival. He will be fine with a bit more time but he suffers from horribly neglected feet and we all know that just takes time to correct. The quality of his foot is quite good it was just the angles that were really bad making him sore. We are drastically bringing the toe back (guided by x-rays) and he is responding really well. He was so excited to have something to do and he is a big boy! I haven’t sticked him yet but he reminds me a lot of my horse Boppus. He was all puffed up when I got out to the ring doing the typical chestnut snorts. I thought..maybe this is a stupid idea but Casey is a pro and once I was on him he was just fine.

I had given Shoes a little time to rest after his chiropractic adjustment and I just put four shoes on him to help him reach under himself and develop a bit more strength. He is coming along nicely. He is really starting to stretch into the contact and move more forward. He threw a bit of a fit about cantering but gave it up once I laid into him a bit with a couple of swift kicks and a raised voice. He is a teenager that just needs some boundaries and I have to give him some tough love to get him focused.

So not a horse picture but these little guys make me smile each day. Love them!


6 responses to “Random ramblings

  1. You have way too many horses to keep track off 🙂

  2. Gigantor (Casey) looks great.

  3. so glad acclimater is better!!! good work. your are “the woman”

  4. I am interested in Jacob J! What are the chances Canter Mid Atlantic would be willing to adopt a horse to Vermont? I am 8 hours from Delaware.

    • We do adopt them out long distances but we are more comfortable if you at least come to look at them in person first. Once it is apparent there is a good match then the distance issue is not a problem.

  5. That makes complete sense. I will email you soon with more details about myself and my horse situation. Thanks!

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