Pushing my luck?

I really am hard-headed because once again I flew home hoping to get enough time with the ring thawed to ride at least one horse. My hubby is the best (or he is just really tired of me being cranky) because he had the horses fed and chores done so I could get right to riding.

I suppose I was pushing my luck getting on another horse that had been off for a week w/o lunging but Jacob J is a true professional and was perfect 🙂 Love Jacob! I was thinking tonight how much Jacob reminds me of Dixie Rumble in his personality. Dixie arrived with not much of a personality and some weird barn claustrophobic issues. Dixie grew out of it and darned if Jacob isn’t as well. He came in and stood perfect today like he was rushing me to get going because he wanted something to do. He was nuzzling around in my pockets and quite interested in what I was doing which is cool to see because when he first arrived it was OMG must flee the barn aisle 🙂

I was a tiny bit smarter and hand walked one lap around just to let him see everything but he was like really lady is this necessary? Ha, yeah so it wasn’t but it made me feel better cause my ass still hurts 🙂 He is sort of like a grumpy old man who you have to tell to get to work because as always he started off a bit cranky and wanting to go towards the gate. I gave him a few pony club kicks and he was like yeah okay..enough kicking me already.

I was able to get a bit of a grip into the riding surface so we w/t/c around enjoying ourselves. The thought crossed my mind that I am off this Wednesday and we are hunting at a really nice sandy fixture and perhaps I should take Jacob. He has not been out hunting but this fixture is a good intro fixture. I’m still thinking about it. See, I really am pushing my luck aren’t I. I haven’t been hunting yet this season due to a crazy schedule so it would be nice to get out.


One response to “Pushing my luck?

  1. Hope to see ya there!!

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