This is how you know that you have it bad

Last week the weather was awful and with the rain and then the snow the riding ring was officially frozen solid. Kurt drug it a few times to get the snow off and we hoped it might warm up enough to be ridable. Did I mention I become a serious crazy person when I don’t get to ride??? Kurt is basically pushing me out of the house saying just go get on the damn horse already 🙂

We had made a trip up to Bartville tack on Saturday morning to do a bit of Christmas shopping but somehow Kurt ended up buying more than I did…really this could be bad for me! He bought our dog a fancy leather harness and he bought two new pair of gloves. I bought some cob cheek pieces  for my bridles and two more neck straps (ha, how appropriate for the rest of this story).

We got home around 2pm and I piddled around in the barn. I had to put together the lovely bridle that I won from the CANTER auction. It is a five star tack flash noseband bridle and it is so yummy. I have a bridle addiction and this bridle makes me drool. I set it up with the herm sprenger duo bit as I wanted to try Shoes in that bit so I figured I would ride him first.

Now the ring was still frozen solid so my thought process was that I would just get on and do some walk work and work on some lateral work. I put on my new quarter sheet (Christmas present to myself) and the pretty new bridle which fit nicely. I had fifty million layers of clothes on and my saddles was frozen solid. He stood perfect as I tried to swing my leg up and around with all the layers on. I get settled into the saddle and am trying to get myself organized when I turned the corner and he caught site of the barrels that I stacked behind the telephone pole to keep them from blowing away.

I wish I could say it was slow motion but truly it happened pretty damn fast and I didn’t have a shot in hell of staying on. He spun so fast one way that I just slid off right where I had been sitting in the saddle. I didn’t even think about how bad this fall was going to hurt but I did think about my brand NEW bridle and I let go of the reins so they didn’t get drug over his head and I let go…big moment for me as I am normally the dumbass that proceeds to hold on while they drag me. I think letting go made me fall a lot faster and harder because that concrete riding ring really hurt.

Kurt was working on the truck and had left the main gate open and of course the darn horse runs straight for it. I’m yelling to Kurt who looks up and then starts running towards the gate waving his arms and then I’m yelling at him to stop scaring the horse because I don’t want him to run more breaking my bridle. Priorities ya know 🙂

Shoes felt sorry for his silly behavior but I wasn’t feeling particularly generous so I went and got the lunge line and proceeded to lunge him all around the ring until he was convinced nothing was going to jump out and get him. In hindsight, I know I was stupid and should have lunged him because I hadn’t ridden all week and he is not the one to just get up and go with. I really hate winter and all the hassles it creates. This week of weather doesn’t look much better. If I do decide to get on and ride I think I will lunge first 🙂

I have to say that bridle really is gorgeous. I keep going to look at the website but I know I do not need anymore tack.


3 responses to “This is how you know that you have it bad

  1. Ouch! Falling on hard ground is the worst. At my last barn, we rode out in the field which was rock-hard turf; the only good thing about it was that I always tried really, really hard to stay on if a horse was being stupid, because I did not want to fall on that hard ground!
    Glad to hear that you’re alright, and also that your new bridle made it throught the ordeal without any damage. Maybe, during the winter, you should ride with your eventing vest on just in case.

  2. splishsplashriding

    I have discovered lately that I seem to have a blanket addiction so I completely understand the tack addiction :):):)

    Glad you’re alright. It makes you think about an indoor doesn’t it. 🙂

  3. Thank heavens you are O.K. and that Mr. Shoes did not get very far in his bolt for the gate.
    Really admire your total dedication to rehabbing this herd of OTTB’S in all kinds of weather, but want to suggest that its O.K. to take a little hard earned breather during these coldest months. You have more than earned it and these horses (& Kurt) truly can’t afford to loose you. Please take care of yourself !!
    The service that you provide to these equines is invaluable.

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