Hanging out on the farm

I had the past two days off and have just been hanging out with the horses. I had to wait until noon or after for the ring to thaw but once it did I was able to get some riding in.

I have been slowly introducing Acclimate into the crowd of horses. I am sure because he was a stallion he never went out with other horses and he probably hadn’t been turned out in a while. I started him out solo, then had Casey as a buddy and on Tuesday I introduced him to the full crowd (Jacob, Casey and Shoes). He was terrified and ran to the far corner of the field and stayed there most of the morning. If anybody dared to come near his hiding spot he kicked the crap out of them. They were all like what????? Dude we just wanna be friends.

Yesterday, he slowly started to make his way near the other horses and when I went outside I grabbed the camera to take some pictures. I took this one from the house because I spotted the rest of the crew all sleeping way down in the back but you can see shoes, jacob and casey standing up sleeping and acclimate closer to the front of the picture eating out of a hay feeder.

Acclimate loves his alfalfa.

Walking around with the camera it was hard to actually get pictures because the horses were mugging me and then I was joined by all the cats who insisted in coming in and seeing what the world I was doing.

Casey loves cats and follows the around. Here he is with Spic.

Following Butters

Casey and Butters are quite friendly. Butters is a huge pain in my butt because she shows no fear of the 1500lb horses!

Shoes and Jacob can share

Have I mentioned how cute this horse is?? Love him!

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday but I got hit with that darn cold that was going around. I was supposed to go hunting but our truck broke on Tuesday (more on that later). I was determined to ride so I got Jacob out. I spent a lot of time grooming him and convincing him the apple n oats treats were yummy. He loves food so he eventually figured out they were pretty good but watching him eat one is hilarious. He bites a tiny piece. Then chews it a bit. Spits some out and then licks his lips and wants another piece.

I tried to get him to pose with the five star tack bridle but he really wasn’t much into it and kept trying to eat the hay bits that were on the ground in front of him.

He went so nicely on the flat and got his left lead twice. I jumped a few little jumps and then thought I would try a solo trail ride. Phone in my pocket and off we went. I opened up the gate from his back and we rode down the driveway, out the road and into the fields near the house. I was feeling pretty crappy so I just made one big loop and did some trot and canter and came back home. We got passed by a school bus on the ride back and that didn’t bother him which is nice to know.

I asked the neighbor kid to hand me the mail and he was so excited he gets the mail and comes running right at Jacob. Oh lord…Jacob was fine but I thought for a moment that was not going to be a pleasant experience. I think Jacob was surprised so didn’t think about turning around and running away.

It really takes a good horse to do a solo trail ride away from the barn as nicely as he did so I was super proud of him. He got stuffed full of treats for being such a good boy.

My poor hubby was livid about the truck. He was driving it to work on Tuesday when it just lost power and he coasted into the parking lot and called me to come and get him. I got it towed home and he was thinking the fuel pump went again. He was all miserable as was I since that is $$ to fix. Kurt is excellent at fixing everything and anything so he was trouble shooting all possible calls. He called around and realized perhaps it was out of gas. The fuel gauge said we had 1/4 tank but that was a possibility. Yeah running a diesel truck out of gas sucks and is hard to fix but Kurt is awesome and sure enough that was the problem. So we have an issue with the fuel gauge but that is a lot easier to fix that the fuel pump! I missed hunting but the truck is fixed and it didn’t cost any money. Turned out to be a good day after all.


One response to “Hanging out on the farm

  1. glad the fix was easy, missed ya hunting we had a good day! fingers crossed for Sunday!

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