My Christmas Present

I spent the remainder of the weekend helping my hubby out while he built me my Christmas present. When you build a farm from scratch you go along for a while and then start coming up with a long list of needs and then wants. We have crossed off the majority of the needs but there are still many wants 🙂

I was so tired of all the millions of trash cans and feed stacked up all over the feed room. I wanted a feed bin with a lid and several compartments. Kurt is quite good at building stuff so he designed my feed bin and I LOVE it! I have rice bran, beet pulp, TC 30 and TC 30 compartments. He is also going to make a shelf in the top to hold all the meds.

We are going to be shipping some more horses this week. Monster, Jester and Wise Gold are heading down to NC and I’m sure they will all be snapped up very quickly because they are awesome. The market is booming down there so it makes sense to keep sending the horse where they will get sold. I am going to take Acclimate to the big farm and bring back someone so we shall see who that will be.

2 responses to “My Christmas Present

  1. Congratulations Jess, that is one beautiful feed bin and
    Happy New Year to two of the most dedicated folks in the horse world.
    May 2011 shower you both with many more well deserved blessings.

  2. bring back Bolt!!:)

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