I’m generally a pretty positive person for the most part. I think the key to my positive attitude is being able to work outside in the barn and ride the horses. When winter comes and continues to dump snow on us every week I start to lose some of my positive attitude. I had to laugh this morning when I got a comment from Cindy Wood saying she was living through me and I should update the blog 🙂 Ha, nothing to update  here since my last little lunging session with Shoes because it continues to snow enough to make the ring unrideable.

Kurt plowed the ring off yesterday after our 4″ of snow and right now it is pretty icy so we have to wait for it to warm up enough to melt the top. Currently no horses that are barefoot so I can’t ride and risk them hurt themselves going faster than a walk with snowballs in their feet.

I have plans to bring back Diamond H and Ranger. I have some buyers looking for horses like those two so I hope to get them going and help them into new homes. I have been delayed in progress with Casey due to a disappearing farrier. Gotta love farriers….really how do people stay in business when they have such poor customer service? This is my farrier of 5 yrs now and he can’t even give me a courtesy call. Oh well called another farrier and have an appointment today to get the backlog of horses shod.

My job has been absolutely crazy busy and I find myself working way later than normal but at this time of year it is okay because I can’t ride anyway 🙂 We had a bunch of people in my division retire and I’m currently in charge. Being in charge is both good and bad but for the most part good. I’m always remind myself that I am fortunate to have a good job with good pay and flexible hours that allows me to fit in horse time.

It looks like the weather might cooperate with us here soon so I hope to get some more updates. I should come back with some pictures and videos of Ranger and Diamond over the weekend. I’m looking forward to that. I will probably advertise Casey here soon as well. We need to get some of our current horses in homes so we can free up room on all the layup farms for the spring when the tracks start-up again.


4 responses to “Insanity

  1. I feel ya. I’ve gone from grumpy to depressed.

  2. Thanks 🙂 One of these days I will get back on Dan, good thing he is young and really the more time off the better. He looks great. Have fun hunting when we get out, miss ya out there!

  3. Hi, even here in SC we have 8 inches of snow!! Have had it on the ground since Sunday. One water heated quit working, but is working again. Wind was awful last nite! I hate wind 😦 My OTTB was having fun in it sometimes.
    He is so good natured. take care. by the way I also look forward to your updates

  4. Hey, I’m glad you picked up Diamond. I look forward to hearing about his progress. My old farrier dropped off the face of the earth. He didn’t show up for an appointment and never returned my calls. Strange!

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